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2008 Cubs Recap: Ronny Cedeno

Ronny Ce

He's the Stupidest Man in the World.

If a monument was built in honor of his stupidity, Mount Rushmore would shut down.  He once received a wrong number but wouldn't admit it, to himself or the guy on the other line.  The Stupidest Man in the World on rollerblading: "Huh?".

He doesn't always steal second on a walk.  But when he does...he overslides.

Stay stupid, my friends.

Get it?  Ronny Cedeno's dumb.  Really, really dumb. Ronny Cedeno's so dumb, he got hit by a parked car.  He's so dumb, when he fell out of a window, he went up.  For a few months in early 2008, however, we were willing to forgive the stupid.

For the month of April, Ronny Cedeno hit .378 and, most remarkably, posted a .451 OBP.  He also was Johnny on the Clutch, racking up 16 RBIs, including a grand slam.  He was doing so well that, despite Theriot's equally hot start, people we clamoring for more time for Ronny (although a large part of that was due to his superior defense).

And then reality hit.  In May, Cedeno's average dropped to .225, although he retained some of his newfound patience.  In June, his patience vanished as well.  It seems that Lou's patience also vanished, as Cedeno's at bats rapidly dropped and Ronny found himself on the pine.  Ronny was back to just being dumb ol' loveable Ronny.  All talent, minimal returns.

Cedeno's out of options, so either he'll once again grace the Cubs' bench, or he'll be moving on in a trade.  Personally, I don't care either way.  He's a decent bench player and doesn't cost anything, so there's really no downside to keeping him.  But if he was part of a Peavy deal, well...I'd find a way to move on.

Ronny Cedeno.  Cubs' bench player and...

The Stupidest Man in the World

2008 cubs recap posts

Why do you guys think that anyone cares about these opinions?
I found this site when I was reading rumors at mlbtraderumors.com and I have a few things to tell you
1 I have been a cubs fan for 25+ years
2 These recap opinions are like a-holes everyone has them and
everyone elses stink
3 why would you think anyone cares about what you think
4 all of these endless trade speculations make every cubs fan look
like idiots especially the trades that will never happen
5 by posting recap threads you are implying that you are a analist
that truely does know what the F you are talking about (when fans
can tell that you dont especially with those trade hail mary threads)
Now with most of my rant over now I will say that guys like you seem to be filling in time waiting for your next D&D game and as a cubs fan that embaresses me big time.
Finally with the rant completely over I will say that I have participated in some of those silly threads and will hardly ever do it again.
One final word
Why does people like kurt ,and others post so many threads weekly? Is it so your words can flood a site like this with your BS drivle or do you truely get off on seeing your opinions on the net and try to evevate yourselves to intelegable writers ,analists ,or GM type experts.
I am sorry for listing kurt by name ,but he seems to be the worst offender here with reguards to posting multiple threads cramming his opinions down peoples throats.

A blog is an open forum for

A blog is an open forum for opinions. If you don't like his, just tell him why he's wrong. Anyway, I hope Cedeno is traded so we don't have to see his boneheaded play for another year.

Nothing subverts an

argument more than typos and spelling eras. Still there is some truth in what gunsnascar says. Many who host Chicago Cub blogs as well as those who post comments on them, don't necessarily mean to present themselves as experts but often come across that way.

Most of us care just a little to much about a franchise that has exasperated us for so long. This fixation does in all candor, often create posts and comments that have more opinion than fact in them. But let's remember that this is a fairly unregulated form of information dissemination. Hell, even the major media outlets like television and newspapers can fall victim from time to time of slanting their piece or article because of their own bias.

Blogs are not just news about your favorite team, but a forum for many of their more ardent fans to actually have their voice heard.

Who pissed in your Cheerios?

Dude - it's just a blog.

Here's Webster's definition - an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.

Notice the word 'personal'. This means the personal thoughts of Kurt, Jason, Rob and all others that have been a member of the Goatrider blogging team. Their personal thoughts and opinions in which we can comment positively or negatively.

If you want 'expert' analysis, try ESPN or some other sports website.

As far as Cedeno, ya, a bench enigma that seems to be in the luckiest situation for the last 3-4 years.

...uh... I don't think that


I don't think that there really needs to be a "trashing" of you ... your comment kind of sums up your personality without needed commentary from the lovely writers and readers of this blog. But for kicks, I will address your 5 or so "points."

1. Actually, I'm not sure your point here. Probably the average span of Cub fandom of readers and writers on this blog is 20 or 25+ years.
2. Yes, this blog represents our opinions on things. When there's news, we express our opinions about it. When there's little news, we find other things to express opinions about, like rumors, speculation, and yes, recaps.
3. You know, I really don't spend time thinking "I'm a BLOGGER! People care about MY OPINIONS!" It's just not a part of my daily thought routine, if I even *have* a daily thought routine.
4. And yet, ironically, you discovered us on a blog that promotes endless trade speculations about trades that rarely-if-ever happen. Like I said, we express our opinions about news. At this time of year, the most common news topics are trade rumors. Like you, we have our own opinions about where we'd like to see the Cubs improve. Like you, we express those opinions. Unlike you, we don't tell people not express opinions, or criticize people for "cramming" their opinions in "multiple threads."
5. We are implying what, exactly? When it comes to baseball, we can only base our knowledge on things we see. We've seen the players, so we do in fact know a few things about them. And when it comes to the inner-workings of a GM's office, all we've ever said is that we know nothing more than anybody else, which you are apparently holding against us (while later you claim that we're trying to elevate ourselves to GM or expert status. If you're going to criticize us, you might as well be consistent about it). In order to prove my point, I posted a "what would I do if I was the Cubs GM and my budget was maxed out..." to which everybody under the sun - you included - bristled over, although nobody under the sun - you included - was able to to do or suggest much of anything under the conditions I forced upon my scenarios.
6. Your post-rant question, "why do we post so many things weekly, is it so our words can flood a site like this with our BS drivle (sic) or do we truely (sic) get off on seeing our opinions on the net and try to evevate (sic) ourselves to intelegable (sic) writers, analists (sic), or GM type experts" .... well, this is a long answer. Hope you're ready for it.

First, I should preference myself by saying that along with Byron, Rob, and Jason, I created GROTA. This is our playground. It's not like some hard working guy named Bob made this site, and we then took it over by posting more than him and "cramming our opinions down peoples (sic) throats."

1. We post not weekly but DAILY, because content is king. We don't "get off" on reading our own words, we don't try to elevate ourselves - if we were trying to do that, we probably wouldn't say things like "we nor anybody else knows how to make a trade work" - nor do we call ourselves experts. I don't think I've ever described myself as an expert to anybody anywhere, and while we have received accolades and recognition by some major sources of media, you would probably not be aware of it because we don't very often brag about it or remind people about it. Y'know, on account of how it's not about elevation or portrayal.

What we DO care about is satisfying the vast majority of our readers. We DO like having people - many of whom aren't even related to us - read this site on a daily basis, and just like the Chicago Tribune, or MLB Trade Rumors, or ANY website, if we stopped updating regularly then we'd lose our audience. It is great to have regular readers who contribute often on their own, but it's also somewhat pressuring because for the most part we want to keep them around and we want to continue getting even more readers.

It's actually kind of cyclical. We publish content for our readers. We have readers so we publish content.

As for the other things ... joking about being "geeks who play D&D," etc., if that isn't the best example in the world about how we DON'T take ourselves too seriously, and how we AREN'T trying to elevate ourselves over others, then I'm not sure what to tell you. But if it embarrasses you to read the blog of somebody who jokes about being a D&D Geek, then I can't quit you as a reader fast enough. You're obviously not right for our brand of humor, and nobody is "cramming" anything down your throat. We're not taking over your computer, or your inbox, or your web browser. You can change the proverbial channel whenever you want, and certainly nobody will force you - or even ask you - to come back.

Lastly, I will say this. I've spoken in the past with a Cubs blogger unaffiliated with this website (whose name shall be unmentioned because he might not appreciate me referencing this private conversation), and he speculated to me that we probably have more readers than him because his site tends to attract a more cynical crowd and to chase away those who he very well might deem as being idiots. He mentioned to me his disdain for a different unaffiliated Cubs blog in which, if you don't cautiously toe the line and think like the group and follow the leader, then you'll be banned from contributing.

In other words, there are Cubs blogs that want the cynics and chase away those who aren't, and there are Cubs blogs that want the blind followers and chase away those who are cynical. GROTA tries hard to be a Cubs blog that's open to anybody, cynic or optimist. We try to welcome everybody, even you.

But the keyword in that last paragraph is "try." I'm not banning you, I'm not removing your ability to post comments, but I welcome you to get your content elsewhere. It is obvious in your rant that while you are apparently worried about us "elevating ourselves" and "cramming our opinions" down your throat, the truth is that you seem to think you're better than those who'd participate on this website. So go. Have fun elsewhere. Create your own blog at www.blogger.com, once you do EMail me and I'll link it here with the others. Good luck, and more importantly, goodbye.

Kurts soap box AGAIN

I am sorry kurt I see your blogging is your entire life.
You do think that you know more than the avg. cubs fan
I am not nerdy enough to be a regular contributer here so I will fade away.
I am also sorry my spelling isnt up to your standards and neither is my thesaurus
One final comment
BLOGGING IS GAY AND I prefer to live in the real world not live within the confines of this site living precariously through Jim Hendry.

For thinking that blogs are

For thinking that blogs are "gay," I can't help but notice that you've visited ours more than three dozen times today. It turns out that you're our biggest reader and fan! Please feel free to visit other websites in our place.

I resent that.

I've been off my game today but I usually have something like 50 visits by noon. I am a way bigger fan than this ignorant trash.

Does this mean

I should go out and buy those leather chaps and vest to look the part also?

I don't know why it comes

as any surprise that Cedeneo doesn't have more baseball sense. The Cubs have had a dysfunctional organization for years and it's no place for most raw players with talent, which Cedeneo certainly is, to learn and develop his skills. Cedeneo needs to be in an organization like the Twins, if he's ever to realize how good a player he can be. Ditto for Pie.

My $0.02

Long-time reader, first-time poster here. Just want to chime in to say that Goat Riders is actually my favorite stop on my daily Cubs rounds and I'm thankful for all the posts, for without them I might actually have to work or at the very least, Sudoku. And because I've got a few minutes before my D&D game, I want to add that I love the recaps -- they're a great way to kill time 'til '09, remember the fun of '08 and have some shameless fun at the expense of our team we love so much. No harm, no foul -- just laughs. Smiling Thanks guys.

Thanks for the kind words,

Thanks for the kind words, and have no worries - we're not about to change our approach just because some jabrone doesn't get it. I mean, I'd love blogging about once a week and having more time to spend with my dork friends and Canadian fiancee, but it's not in the cards.

So, I'm confused

Is gunsnascar trying to say that Ronny Cedeno *isn't* stupid?

Excellent login name, btw. Originally, mine was going to be mozzarellasticksrollerderby, but I settled on Jason.

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