Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Twitter serves Cubs fans nothing but goodness...

...in this morning's Cubs hit.  There must have been some understandings made with the prospective buyers.  Payroll CAN increase some, approval from the buyers won't be such a huge deal, and they can therefore get the lefthanded bat AND my Manlust object for 2008-9, Proven Staff Ace Jake Peavy.

Of course, the article concludes by saying that prices on the big shooter seats will go up by 33%, but wtf, if yer dumb enough to pay $300 for a front row seat, what's another benji?

Gordon, if you're lying to us, here, I don't live that far away, and I can find you and punish you in ways that'll make you wish your mama had one spare coathanger.

Much is being made

about upgrading the offense and for good reason, still the middle relief is sketchy at best and it also needs to be addressed.

^^ true. Scoring Peavy will

^^ true.

Scoring Peavy will put Marshall in the middle relief picture. But, as far as any sort of power pitching in the middle. Um. I feel kind of embarrassed by the fact we'd probably be walking guzman or ascaino out there as our designated middle relief. Ugh.

Are we ruling out...


and? i guess that's my point.

and? i guess that's my point. wuertz isn't anything other than an arm. and useful for batters who can't hit breaking balls.

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