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A spark in the hot stove?

It sure has been a slow off season.  So ... so slow.  Boring.  Falling ... asleep.

Wait!  There are trade rumors!  Apparently, the Cubs are pursuing Jake Peavy, and they might be the only show left in town. And actually, Goat Reader thunderbird1245 made an interesting suggestion ... what if the Cubs dealt Rich Harden in their pursuit for a lefty bat?

Let's take it a couple of steps further and suggest this kind of move ...

Step One: The Cubs trade for Jake Peavy, dismantling their weak-ass farm system in the process.

Step Two: The Cubs deal Harden and Mark DeRosa to the Yankees for Robinson Cano and Ian Kennedy.  Or hell, they could even do this one first, finagle it to get more than just Cano and Kennedy, and deal whatever prospects they get from the Yankees for Peavy as well.

Step Three: Profit.

Now, Felzz thinks this is a bad idea.  Maybe he's right.  Kennedy was ugly last year, going 0-4 with an 8+ ERA.  The only problem was that it wasn't entirely because of his lack of ability - he suffered a whack of injuries, including a strained right lat muscle (whatever the hell that is), and being diagnosed with bursitis behind the scapular.  Hmm, lat muscle?  The scapular?  Okay, maybe I'm going to change my mind ... it sounds to me like he was making stuff up.  What's next, he busted his quadingle?  He strained his laisen? Riiiight.

That said, maybe the injuries had nothing to do with it, but Kennedy was a highly rated prospect before 2008 and his age would definitely make him an enticing player to pick up.  Then the Cubs can move onto Step Four: abandoning Marquis at the airport, and they'll be good to roll.

It's just a thought, it seems unlikely to me that the Yankees would make that trade, although they might be just desperate enough for pitching to consider it.

Len Returns

Haight reports that Len Kasper had his contract extended.  That's great news, as we love Len here at GROTA.  In the past we've interviewed him, but I foolishly lost his EMail address after I switched computers last year.  I might dig out my old one, find his contact info, and set up another round of GROTA interviewing.

And with that, I leave to watch The Mentalist and Pushing Daisies.  Have a good night.

Felzz isn't anti trade. Felzz

Felzz isn't anti trade. Felzz is just anti-Ian Kennedy. ( oooh kind of like the whole 3rd person thing....gotta let Felzz be Felzz yo....) His fastball is 87, His curveball is 85, his offspeed is in the mid-eighties and all of his pitches wind up hitting the racing stripe that is the middle of the plate.The next scout to say something good about Ian Kennedy will be the first in like three years plus he has a whole prima donna, "I'm a first round draft pick this is SUPPOSED to happen for me" ....Felzz will leave it at no thanks.

But Robinson Cano and some other Yankee pitching prospect would get a Yeeha. ( Do Goat riders say "Yeeha"?) I know I'm alone in this but Johnny Damon replacing Edmonds would be fine with me. I know he has no arm but he can still hit and still run and still work a count and would look good at the top of the Cubs line up for 90-100 games.

As for Peavy, we're the only person at the dance. If Johan can be traded for crap (which is what he was traded for) then so can Peavy. Time to play some chicken,Mr. Hendry

Now trading for

Cabrerra is a whole different story. The Yankees are sour on Cano no doubt, but there is a reason and the Cubs should at least be suspect in any move for Cano.

Let's face it, the Cubs need another second baseman like they need another asshole, and the Yankees need pitching. A switch hitting CF'er would be a plus to the Cubs and who knows, a NY boy like Marquis and Pie as a replacement for Cabrerra might be able to do the trick.

The Bounty Rich Harden might bring in a trade, IF we get Peavy

Like I said in the shout box, assuming the Cubs get Jake Peavy, then trading Rich Harden opens up many possibilities we couldn't possibly consider right now. I suspect many, many teams might like the idea of Rich Harden on a 1 yr, 7 million committment instead of 5 yr 85 for Burnett, or 4yr 65 for Lowe, or something similar with another free agent starter.

Let me throw just some possibilities, off the top of my head, just for fun. Maybe they are realistic, maybe they wouldn't be....I think the idea of trading Harden( assuming Peavy is here) merits a serious discussion however, no matter what you think of the ideas below. I'm going to list mostly left handed bats, but I'm going to include a small sampling of right handed bats too for the fun of it.

Cubs might be able to trade Rich Harden (and may need to include others) with teams for these following players (and possibly with others included)

Andre Ethier
Robinson Cano/Melky Cabrera
Brad Hawpe
Jacoby Ellsbury
Brian Roberts/Luke Scott
Carl Crawford
Chone Figgins
Shane Victorino
Michael Young
Yunel Escobar
Alex Rios
Curtis Granderson

There are probably many more I could have mentioned. While admittedly some of that above list are longshots, and/or are on teams unlikely to want Harden, you simply don't know what the market might bring for him until you ask.

For instance, lets take the first name on the list, Andre Ethier.

Would either team do something with a framework like this?

Cubs trade Rich Harden, Ryan Theriot, and Chad Gaudin
Dodgers trade Andre Ethier and Cory Wade.

This trade gives the Dodgers a starting shortstop who is cheap and saves them from having to trade for a guy like Jack Wilson to replace Furcal. It also gives them a high upside/low risk starter to replace Derrick Lowe, and a 26 yr old decent reliever.

We'd get a potential long term answer in right field with a left handed bat we need badly, plus a quality young set up man. We would also save approximately 7 million bucks in the deal....which we'd need to be able to acquire a shortstop somehow.

Now, I know that above trade is pie in the sky stuff....but my point is, I think it makes a ton of sense to explore a Rich Harden trade IF IF IF IF IF we get Peavy.

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