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An Easy Fix?

So its finals time for me so I've been very busy lately doing nothing more than looking over the world of baseball gossip.  what I've seen has somewhat sparked my interest, all this crap about the Giants close to signing FA shortstop Edgaar Renteria.  what confusifies me is that they already have first round draft pick Emmanuel Burris waiting in the wings at half the cost, twice the skill and four times the upside.  So to me this makes no sense.  but then I look at the rest of their teem and see that they have no secod basemen who are ready.  What a coincidence!  We have like 9.  so then the gears in my head start to turn and after hours of hard though i think (lightbulb appears) why not trade one of our many secondbasmen to the giants for Burriss.  This can easily benefit both teams.

Cubs:  Burris- a low cost switch hitting leadoff man with doubles power and a high OBP to fill our biggest hole (in my opinion) at SS.  Lose one of our 312 secondbasemen.

Giants:  Theriot- a proven major league hitter entering his prime for a cheap price that is more suited to play 2B than SS anyway with a high OBP and good speed


Fontenot- a reliable lefty bat off the bench or a starting 2B with some pop and a high AVG. and OBP.


DeRosa- proven veteran talent with a power for his position and an ability to get on base.  (won't happen)


I would gladly make this trade, preferably for Theriot as his stock will never be higher, even if i had to throw in a low end prospect to go with it.  This deal would help both teams at a position that they are lacking.  But most importantly this would solve our shortstop/lead off problem without having to spend $12 million on Furcal giving us the ability to spend on right or center field or Peavy.  And if Marquis somehow is gunned down behind an adult book store or even simply traded we could do both.

But for right now, lets just pretend that we traded Theriot for Burriss and called it and offseason.  Useing only what we have now...


Against Righties...

S  SS  Burriss

L  CF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

R  LF   Soriano

R  C    Soto

R  1B   Lee

R  RF   DeRosa

L   2B   Fontenot



Against Lefties...

S  SS  Burris

L  RF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

R  LF   Soriano

R  C    Soto

R  1B   Lee

R  2B   DeRosa

R  CF   Johnson


*Fukudome actually hit lefties better than righties last year and even with his suck-ass second half he still kept his OBP above .350 the entire year.

As I responded to your

As I responded to your post.

Is Burriss a reliable answer offensively? And since we've already gotten on the CS club.

Look at his SB%, 13/5. Not too good if you ask me. He might have the speed, but Chicago isn't the place to learn how to steal bases.


however he is better defensively and has a higher upside than Theriot.

Hawpe Syndrome

Burriss is as obtainable as Hawpe, which is to say, he is unobtainable.

I beg to differ...

I beg to differ. For the Rockies Hawpe is the only proven power bat they have left. Holliday is gone, Helton can no longer hit for power, and Tulo has to prove he can repeat his rookie year. Also, there is no chance that the Rockies will be able to replace both Holliday and Hawpe and still be even remotely close to being as competitive as they were in 2007. Burris on the other hand is now blocked by Renteria and is not this year and was not last year a vital part of that team anyway. I think that it would be in the Giants best interest to trade him for something more proven and useful to them since, in a weak NL West, they can become immediately competitive even if not a first place team.
Even though the chance of this trade is remote it is simply speculation, albeit speculation that makes sense for both sides and is possible.

The reason they signed

The reason they signed Renteria is so they could hold on to Burriss, and use him when he's ready. Any writer from San Francisco will tell you that Burriss is in the Giants' long term plans. Renteria's deal is for only two years; once it's up, Burriss will almost definitely be the Giants' new starter. With Renteria now, they'd certainly rather have Burriss than a 29 year old Ryan Theriot for 2011.

Hawpe is too valuable to Colorado's short term plan; Burriss is too valuable to the long term plan for the Giants.

Giants have

actually signed Renteria today. But the Padres traded Greene and that opens up another team that needs a shortstop.

why, oh why...

But why would the Giants want to trade a good young player within they're own division when they could send him to a faraway team? Also, Cedeno will most likely be going to the Pads anyway for Peavy if that trade happens. (though why they would want him beats me)

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