Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Saving a few bucks on Black Monday

It's the so called 'Black Monday' and I am apparently going to be joining much of the US in making some online purchases today. First, my shoe has a hole in the sole and with the *phenomenal* weather in Chicago, I've decided that ice water in my socks isn't something I'm into.

Second, my ESPN Insider account is up for renewal in a few days, so I called the good folks at ESPN to cancel (1-888-549-ESPN). There are a handful of things I enjoy about the subscription, including their trade rumors page, but on the whole I don't spend as much time with ESPN as I did when I was in college.

Well, I'll volunteer that the only other call center I can think of with better service than the ESPN call center is the AICPA's. 'Ray' was non-judgmental when I asked him to cancel my subscription and then smoothly transitioned into the 'wait, don't leave us! We have a bargain for you!' phase of the call. And even as we waited for screens to fill in and the such, we had a nice conversation about Green Bay's loss to the Panthers yesterday.

I'll save you the blow by blow, but with Ray's prodding, my subscription cost decreased from $40 to $15, and the ESPN Insider magazines that I haven't been receiving for the past three and a half years are now being redirected to a military ship rather than my old college apartment.

So in sum, I saved $25, I donated a year's worth of magazines to some soldiers, and I can still check the MLB Rumors page when I feel like it. And all I had to do was call and cancel my subscription.

Shopping holidays

I guess I've got my shopping holidays crossed up. It's 'Cyber Monday.' At least no one gets trampled to death on the Amazon.com webpage.

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