Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Blogging with my feet on

I'm visiting the States this weekend and my brother has set up a wireless network so finally, at long last, I have a speedy internet connection (illegal MMA fight video websites, here I come!)

I've chosen to celebrate this highspeed windfall by blogging in my old bedroom, the laptop on a dresser drawer, me standing and typing away as if I was Hemmingway but without half the talent and with twice the sanity.

It would appear that, in my absense, absolutely nothing has happened.  I choose not to comment on that any further, except to say that something will happen sooner or later.  Until then ... how's your weekend?

I'm tired, full, and ready to relax.  Time to take my feet off.  See you guys tomorrow.

Chicago Tribune's Chicago's Best Blogs award