Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Busy month

I've got nothing particularly exciting to report, except for one thing that I've noticed ... although November has been a very slow month for baseball news, it seems as if GROTA readership is continuing to grow.

It's true that we are unlikely to match our hit figures from October, but with 5 days remaining in this month we have more than doubled our total hits from last November, and we're close to tripling our total page views.

For a sense of perspective, it looks as if the only 3 months of the past year in which we'll have had more hits were August, September, and October.  For a nothing-happening month of no baseball news, we're on our way to get more hits than what we had in the months of April, May, June, and July.  Y'know, during the baseball season.

I can't help but feel thankful to you guys, the readers, for making us a destination on  your daily regimen of blog-reading.  We'd be nothing without you, and I hope you stick with us through the long haul.  So, thanks.

for some reason

this does seem like the slowest start to FA in a while.

maybe all the Seliginomics talk has scared owners.

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