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Just a quick open thread on Kerry Wood

I'm not at home right now and don't really have time to discuss things going on in the Cubs world.  So, while we've been talking about it for a while in the SB, I thought I'd just open a thread in which you could post your comments about the Kerry Wood departure.

I'll just say this - it's a real bummer for a bunch of reasons, but it's hardly the end of the world.  In a sport where people come and go constantly, it's just a fact of life.  Got comments?  Post 'em if you've got 'em.

Rob checking in:

What we have here is yet another casaulty of the Free-Agent Era. (using my old man voice) Back when I was a youngun, star players were basically indentured servants to their club. If someone as popular, yet brittle, as Woody was around, the club would low-ball him, and he'd have no choice but to accept the Cubs' contract and spend the rest of his days with us. Sooner or later he'd move down the ladder until eventually he was the last man out of the bullpen, to be trotted out in blow-outs or on Ladies' Day.

Of course, if he wasn't making millions every year, he'd probably have hung it up three years ago, when his arm wasn't coming around, and nobody could figure out the problem. Then we wouldn't have him around, anyhow.

I always felt he was the heart and soul of the team, and I figured if and when the day would come when he left, I would seriously consider turning in the Die-Hard card and following cricket or tennis or some shit like that. However, with us being so close to a champion, and with our ability to pick up a Kevin Gregg or whatever his name is for Chump Change, Wood is an unnecessary luxury that we really didn't need.

Sooner or later, I will have digested this well enough to give the man the tribute he deserves, probably when he signs elsewhere. Right now, I'm just like the rest of you, waiting for my Peavy/Dempster/Roberts fix.

Don't need him

Guzman, Wuertz, Cotts, Marshall, Samardzija, Gaudin, Gregg, Marmol.

Think we can get 2-4 innings per game out of that bunch? I kinda do.

Dempster/Peavy, Zambrano, Harden, Lilly, Marquis/Dempster/Peavy/Johnson.

Think we have a rotation without acquiring 1 of D/P and 1 of the remaining D/P/J? I kinda don't.

I think Wood is far less important to this pitching staff than adding two starters, which is clearly going to be an expensive venture.

I agree

I thought that the bullpen might be a problem area coming into this postseason - even if we resigned Wood I thought we would need to pick someone up. But when I actually listed all of our options, even without Wood we have too many players for too few spots


I think Hendry just recognized that we've got a lot of arms that can pitch in relief, and we can spend our money in other places. It's still tough though, since Wood is better than everyone on that list except for White Castle.

Hendry's comments

led everyone to believe it was Wood that wanted the multi-year deal. We know that now was bullshit. If Hendry had wanted to go in a different direction then why just not say so? Instead he tries to pull a fast one and portray the one guy on this team that has always shown he will do just about anything to stay a Cub. It just goes to show you can't believe anything from this sham of an organization.

Watch it...

I believe Wood was quoted as saying he would "consider" a one-year deal. Who knows if a) he would have accepted such an offer, and b) how much we would have had to pay him for that one year?

I think Hendry did the guy a favor and told him to get his true market value, and do the right thing for his family and himself. To me, that's not pulling a fast one - that's being respectful of a guy who's given nearly half his life to one organization.

Woos said

he would have been open to a one deal and was never given a option of discussing it. I do however agree it will be better in the long run for Wood financially. Point is the guy loves the Chicago Cubs, the city and it's fans. You can spin it anyway you want but Hendry at least misled the fans and at worst tried to portray Wood as the reason he didn't resign him. Pathetic.

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