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So recently I've heard that the White Sox are shopping Nick Swisher. The guy is a a career .250 hitter but has 30-40 HR power. This past year he hit hit .219/.332/.411 with 24 HRs. His career average is about .245/.360/.452 with 29 HRs. So in my mind The Sux will be selling low on this one. They also apear to be in need of infield speed which Theriot is. Swisher is a swithch hitter so that could settle our lefty issue but I'm gonna one up you. I've got a more fun scenario...


Cubs let Dempster walk if he doesnt take the 3/36 contract.

Cubs trade The Riot to Sox for Swisher.

Cubs sign Furcal (who is going to test the free agent market) using Dempster's money to fill Theriot's spot at SS.


The Cubs get a true leadoff in Furcal and a legit 30 HR threat in Swisher, both can switch hit.

The Sox get infield speed (whether they keep Theriot at SS or move him 2B) and dump a 3.6 mil contract.


S SS Furcal

R 2B DeRosa

R 3B Ramirez

S RF Swisher

R LF Soriano

R 1B Lee

R C Soto

- CF Johnson/Fukudome

- P ------

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