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Team leader...

Is there a true definition?

Leader by performance, but not much of a talker?  Sandberg, Dawson, Lee Smith, Maddux & Derrek Lee come to mind.

Leader by having a fiery attitude?  Bowa (player/manager), Piniella & Durocher.

Combination of both?  Performance & emotion?  Grace, Buckner, Zambrano and dare I say Dunston?

Leader in the clubhouse?  And do we even know what that entails?  Gives pep talks?  Takes a rookie under his wing and helps him out?  Hell, many of the young guys thought Daryle Ward was a good clubhouse leader.

Since he was a rookie, he couldn't be considered the 'team leader' but maybe as early as next season, Geo Soto could easily become the face of the Cubs.  First, he's the 'quarterback' on the field.  He's already been extremely impressive on how the pitchers listen to and work with him.

I know I know...he's only been around one season.  But you can sense the leadership qualities emerging on the field and in the dugout.  I see lots of Pudge & Pudge, Jr. qualities in him.

Although he has the longest eyelashes in MLB history, don't let the Mike Piazza/Richard Grieco looks fool you.  He looks like a guy that could be wearing the 'C' for captain for a long time.

Please no Pudge

Please no Pudge comparisons... recent talk about him has painted his pitch calling in a poor light. Stuff like calling more fastballs to make up for his diminishing arm. Of course I won't link to the source of that info, because I am lazy, but I assure you I have read such rumblings.

But yeah he does seem like a good guy that teammates like, he also has a good sense of humor and isnt afraid to instruct veteran players.

Um, Dont hate on Pudge. Hes

Um, Dont hate on Pudge. Hes towards the end of his career yes, but he will most likely end up in Cooperstown one day. If Geo has a career as good as Pudge has had, I wouldnt be one to complain.

I would just hope he has

I would just hope he has better character than pudge, which is after all what we are talking about.

Leader or sparkplug?

I'm getting a big kick out of this debate and out of how passionate and dispassionate some folks are. Frankly, I don't think Rob is off the mark. I do wonder if somebody like Pedroia is more the sort of player the Cubs need. I read the national writers a fair bit and tell folks that baseball is a year-round sport. I look for news every day. There are just a handfull of teams that have a certain chemistry and only a handful of players that have "IT." Sure, it's hard to make a list, but it gets talked about by the people in the game and the people who cover the game. So why lampoon Rob for discussing it? That I just don't get. My only point is that I'm not sure leader is the term ... rather there's a certain player who energizes his team and/or keeps his team loose. I can't find it, but I think Gammons ticked off a few names a while back. I think Pedroia and Varitek fit the mold. And I think Soto is on the fringe of being that guy.

Its not debatable that it

Its not debatable that it gets discussed, whats debatable is how much it actually means to a team and how much of it is truth or just hindsight writing about teams that did win. Personally I think its mostly the former, a lot of blown out of proportion post victory pieces that glorify the leadership that the winning team had. Its the kinda stuff fans eat up, but im not convinced its anything but fodder.

Fair enough,

but how do you explain someone like A-Rod? I think Jeter is incredibly overrated, but I can't say he's not a winner. We're talking about intangibles which is precisely why it's hard to debate. And some people just don't do well with stuff that's mostly inexplicable. I generally don't, but I diverge from that on this issue.

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