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Sutcliffe to consider the Cubs?

The Tribune reported today that Rick Sutcliffe might be open to working for the Cubs in '09 and beyond, should Bob Brenly head for cheesier pastures.  However, Sutcliffe feels loyalty to ESPN, and he very well may wind up honoring the remaining 2 years on his deal with them.

In other news, the Rays are currently looking like sad participants in the World Series.  I'm not sure about the Ex Cub Factor - in fact, I don't really care enough to look - but with the loss of Cliff Floyd, the Rays apparently chose to compensate by bringing in Eric Hinske - keeping them with the same balance they had before.  But you never know - Scott Eyre may find a way to help the Rays even the score.

There's more I want to blog about, particularly in reference to more free agent topics of debate.  We're also thinking about adding another skin sometime in the relatively near future, but it's not a big priority.

So, since my heart isn't in it, I leave you with that for now.  I will very likely have more to say later today, though, so poke your head back toward the blog before you leave work.

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