Goatriders of the Apocalypse

With respect to Colin: Who was the 2008 Team MVP?

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Visitorsort iconVote
ByronRyan Dempster
ChiefMark DeRosa
Colin WyersGeovany Soto
HaightGeovany Soto
J-DogGeovany Soto
KurtGeovany Soto
MaddogGeovany Soto
RobGeovany Soto
Sosa HOFMark DeRosa
TakagouGeovany Soto
VoodooChilliMark DeRosa
berseliusGeovany Soto
blue blood C.H.U.DGeovany Soto
bmmurphyGeovany Soto
chicagocubsfan23Mark DeRosa
cjaxsonGeovany Soto
cubsfan123Geovany Soto
deutschegirl67Geovany Soto
faustus1500Mark DeRosa
felzzGeovany Soto

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