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Another Idea for a Big Bat.

This is mostly just another idea spinning off my last one that is a little bit less complicated.  As many of us should know, Soriano started his major league career as a second baseman for the Yankees.  However, it seems that we are in the need of a RF.  What could this possibly in common?  Hmmmm, well we do, infact, have a second basemen who can play some right field and a free agent market that seems to be completely stuffed with LFs.  So why dont we move Fukudome to center (as planned), move DeRosa to right, move Soriano to 2B, and sign one of the many LFs to play left.  Again, I would just drool to see Adam Dunn play 81 games in the friendly confines.  once again, imagine...


R  SS  Theriot

L  CF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramirez

L  LF  Dunn

R  2B  Soriano

R  1B  Lee

R  C   Soto

R  RF  DeRosa

-   P   Pitcher

Thank you for being the first

Thank you for being the first Goat Reader with the stomach to blog since the collapse happened, J-Dog.

I don't think that moving Soriano back to second base is a good idea. He is defensively terrible there, and I think we all have cold memories of the most recent Cubs post season, in which middle-infield defense proved to be the team's undoing in Game Two.

I realize that the Cubs were an offensive disaster this October, but they are entirely capable of being better than that. There's no reason to think that one October will mean the same team can't hit in the next October - even if that's basically what happened between the '07 and '08 teams.

If I'm Jim Hendry, I'd certainly be *looking* for a bigger bat somewhere, either at second or RF, but perhaps my top priority would be shoring up the defense a little more. This year's team was certainly defensively *adequate,* they were certainly better than what we were used to when Dusty ran the show, but they could be better.

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