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The Phillies and the Rays?

To my great satisfaction, the Dodgers were defeated in 5 games by Philly in the NLCS.  Call me bitter, but I just do not care to see the team that beats the Cubs win the Series.  Let's blame the Marlins for that one.

It looks like Philly will be playing the Rays, although Tampa still has one more game to win before it's official.  We've seen that a 3-1 series lead means little, and the Red Sox have come back from worse deficits.  Nothing is in writing.

The Cubs, meanwhile, aren't exactly being newsworthy at the moment.  Today's top stories include things like ...

The Tribune May Alter the Cubs Sale.  (Pray that they don't alter it any further).  Apparently, an epic financial crisis tends to affect billion-dollar baseball sales.  Figures.

Kevin Foster's memorial services have been set.  I've got little more to say about this - I liked Kevin Foster in the years that he was a Cub.  I'll always remember that time he did that thing on the field that was unforgettable ... uh, I was like, 16 when he was pitching, y'know.

Oh, we got some mail from the Blue Jays yesterday.  It turns out that some preliminary games played in the World Baseball Classic next year will be held in Toronto.  Playing will be 4 teams over 6 games - Canada, the US, Italy, and Venezuela.  All I have to do is buy a flex pack, which can be either 10 or 15 games and ranges from $120 to $915 in price. Except it'd actually be $240 in price, because I'd be buying two, and I'd still have to spend minimally another $100 if I wanted multiple tickets to the games.  In other words, maybe I'll just buy the WBC tickets when they become available to the public, or else I need to get a better paying jorb.

Anyway, at some point today I'll have a thread open about trade ideas.

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