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Kevin Foster passes away


Kev Foster
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The Tribune said this morning that former Cubs pitcher Kevin Foster died of cancer on Saturday at the age of 39.

I have some fond memories of Foster, who for a time was just about the only bright shining spot of a ridiculously bad Cubs rotation - not that his star shone all that bright, either.

However, Foster along with Jeremi Gonzalez were two Cubs pitchers from the mid 90's who gave this Cubs fan something to believe in, back in the days before I realized how shoddy the organization really was.  In 1997, the Cubs had Foster, then 28, and Gonzalez, then 23, combine to win 21 games for a team that won 68 on the season.  Neither would accomplish much after that year, and both are now gone.

I can't help but wonder - is Amaury Telemaco next?

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Let us not forget Jim Bullinger as well...

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