Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Come back later

Here it is, in the early afternoon on Saturday, and there's no new content on GROTA?  How dare we?

Actually I've got about three projects underway right now.  I'm writing a Free Agency Preview that I will probably save for Monday (because it's going to be long and I want to make sure that plenty of people will have the chance to read it; we tend to get half our regular audience on weekends) and I'm also writing a Behind the Curtain piece that will probably get me yelled at by my webmaster and partner-in-crime Kevin, mostly because it will be a long dissertation on how blogs get advertising revenue and what kind of cash blogs can pull in.  Considering that you rarely see a Cubs blog - or any blog, for that matter - talk about it, it's probably a taboo subject.

However, it is unfortunately Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada - yes, we still celebrate Christmas on Dec 25, New Year's on Jan 1, and Easter on whatever-the-hell-day it's supposed to be on, but Thanksgiving is in early Oct.  Go figure, eh?  That means that my longer articles will have to wait and you've been suckered via feed to the blog for a whole lot of nothing.

Then again, my media savvy tells me that it's always good to tease people with a big payoff to come later on.  Consider this the tease.  Come back later for the delivery.  You'll probably enjoy it.

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