Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Apparently, we should be rich

Today's bit of bizarre GROTA news - a website called Juiced Sports Blog has their list of the 100 most valuable sports blogs - with some exceptions - and GROTA made the list at #82.  (Go see for yourself).  My very quick scanning of the list leads me to believe that we may be the only Cubs blog mentioned, which would be kinda cool.

Apparently, according to them, we're worth $51,250, and they say "The general valuation for a website on sale is 10-20 times monthly earnings. That can vary based on domain name, branding exposure, etc, but the valuations should be somewhat accurate."  In other words, we apparently have the ability to rake in 2.5 to 5 grand per month.  I just wish somebody would tell that to advertisers!

(In fairness, I really don't see how the hell they came up with that order or those numbers, which seem to fluctuate a ridiculous amount, but hey, if you put us on  your Top 100 list, we don't care, we'll mention it.  So, next week, when GROTA is listed as one of the Top 100 Blender Review Blogs, we'll link it baby!)

If you gander over to the Shoutbox, you might notice a number of Goat Readers who are discussing various options.  Some people think Adam Dunn should be our next right fielder.  Others want it to be Mark Texiera.  One reader wants to move Sori back to second (because the gut-wrenching defensive errors of the NLDS weren't enough for us), sign Dunn and stick him in left, and then wave a magic wand to make Josh Hamilton a free agent and put him in right field.

Me, I'm currently angling for the Dark Ritual maneuver.  Maybe we can resurrect Babe Ruth and convince him to bring his heavy lumber to the north side.

We will start our series of expectations soon, once I can figure out a good graphic for it.  In the meantime, anybody wanna buy some ad space?


These are lean times, my friend, and I just got audited.


Babe Ruth

Don't forget, Babe Ruth was a great pitcher. He could easily be at least a #2 starter for the Cubs, and play OF when not pitching. Plus he once said he'd play for half his salary if he could hit in Wrigley all the time. I say go for it!

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