Goatriders of the Apocalypse

If you'll excuse the interuption...

As some of you may have grokked to by now, I'm actually two blogers - Colin Wyers, Goat Rider, and Colin Wyers, full-on baseball statistician for Statistically Speaking. I try not to mix the two too much; I presume that most of you only have a passing interest in the difference between Root Mean Square Error and Absolute Average Error, and I presume that my StatSpeak readers aren't particularly interested in my opinions on Ryan Theriot.

(Some of you are probably wishing I'd figure that out about this blog, too, I'm sure.)

But today the other StatSpeak writers discuss the Cubs' offseason, and we've invited Daily Herald beatwriter Bruce Miles to join us. I think you'll like it. We also discuss the free agent market and the best way for the Pirates to rebuild.


Soriano will never play second base because he's a terrible defensive liability and he will occasionally hop while fielding a ground ball - which is not conducive to turning double plays....doesn't anyone want to give hoffpauier a shot at right field -he can flat out hit and plays good defense(or move him to first base and trade Dlee to San Diego and pick up Peavy)....

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