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Carlos Marmol, in spite of his car accident, seems to be perfectly healthy. Rich Harden, in spite of his lack of car accidents, could have surgery in the offseason. If the Cubs do not pick up this $7 million option, they go to arbitration, where Harden could well make even more.

As for Henry Blanco’s option, the Cubs may buy it out and try to ink him to a smaller deal.

The Cubs have a Fukudome problem and are likely to bring in a free-agent right fielder as “competition.”

To be frank, I still can’t figure out if P-Sully is passing on the latest insider info or just reading the FanPosts on Bleed Cubbie Blue. Among what he says:

  • Soriano could be moved down in the order, possibly for Brian Roberts, who is being shopped by the Orioles! (No, really this time!)
  • Rich Hill is headed to winter ball to see if he can’t fix his control issues.
  • Derrek Lee “could be asked to lift [his no-trade clause] if he's dealt to a team in California for pitching help.” Let’s narrow this down a bit. The Padres have Adrian Gonzales and so are not in the picture. Lee doesn’t sound like a good match for the A’s and their philosophy (by which I mean he gets paid in money). I’m tempted to start a very irresponsible Lee-for-Cain rumor here, but won’t. Very weird all-in-all.
  • Ronny Cedeno could be traded, “after yelling at trainer Mark O'Neal during a nasty exchange before a game in Milwaukee on the final weekend of the regular season.” Consider this Exhibit #348 in the growing case that Ronny Cedeno really doesn’t appreciate how hard my life is as de-facto leader of the Ronny Cedeno Fan Club.

I'm already regretting passing on that bit about Lee, by the way. God help me.

About three weeks ago, the

About three weeks ago, the Cubs claimed a right fielder off waivers from the Indians. I don't remember who it was, but any chance we'll see him playing in the majors sometime soon?

That's Brad Snyder, more of a CFer by trade...

...and essentially useless so far as I can tell. Hell, I want to know how you get placed on waivers in the first place having never had a major league at-bat.


I understand Derek has become a "doubles hitter" but when it counted he stepped up. I don't see moving him for Matt Cain, for one most major league teams are looking for 1-2 pitching punches. The Giants are not going to break up the Cain, Lincecum 1-2 punch. I do think Lou should move Lee to the 2 or 6 hole, he has a lifetime .367 on base percentage and I would not be shocked to see him hit 30 hr's next year. Unless we are replacing him with Teixeira the last thing I would do is move Derek


Would there be any chance on packaging up a deal for Adrian Gonzales? Cuz to me he's got that something extra. That drive. DP Lee has smirked his way out of my heart. And now myself, and everyone I know really, wants him out of town... pronto!

You're missing the obvious

You're missing the obvious answer. The Angels need a firstbaseman since Tex is going into Free Agency. Perhaps Ervin Santana for Lee?

This is all purely speculation, of course

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