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Just shattered

I got home today around 7pm. I went and watched the game at Irish Oak with some friends. I was so angry and pretty much mourning the whole season after game 2. I was trying to prepare myself mentally. Stupid me, I got my hopes up sometime between Friday night and Saturday. I went into that bar determined to go down with the ship but positive we'd escape from the Titanic.


God, where the HELL was our offense? All I could do was just stare at the tv and go WHY? JUST WHY? I'm going to leave the analysis to other folks right now.

I'm just so sad and tired. About the only thing that made the whole situation bearable was being with my friends and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. We managed to stagger into my friend's downtown apartment and crash on the floor. Soon we wound up consoling ourselves with the good memories from the regular season. We just couldn't focus on what had just happened. There wasn't enough kleenex for that.

I need to get some distance from all this, and yet I can't stay away. I'm sick of reading so much rage. Mark DeRosa made a blog entry shortly after the game and there were two trolls who immediately started jumping in with completely uncalled for commentary. COMPLETELY. I won't even repeat what some of it was - it was just vile and disgusting. It's real damn easy to be an armchair-baseball player.

These guys didn't go out to break our hearts on purpose. Duh. They choked, yes, but I really highly doubt this is what any of them wanted. They can't tell us what went wrong; they're probablly still trying to figure it out themselves. This also wasn't one man's failure (I see a lot of people in various places picking on DeRosa for some reason), hell, the WHOLE TEAM had issues and plenty of them. Our so-called "Big Three" (Soriano, Aramis and Lee) were anemic like last year. And these are the guys we are told we are supposed to rely on. I, personally, have more issues with Soriano because he is getting paid ridiculous numbers, and that IMO, means you are getting paid to produce and produce big.

Get the entire team a shrink or WHATEVER. Practice some zen. Somehow, the players need to be able to block out so much of what we as fans unfairly burden them with: the Herculean task of making up for the failures of other Cubs teams which they had nothing to do with.

I just missed the players as they came back to Wrigley from the airport while I was taking the el/walking to get my car where I'd parked it near Wrigley. There were a few people waiting, wanting to get autographs (which was incredibly ill-timed IMO). If I were one of the players, the last thing I'd want to do is sign autographs after what just happened. I would want to be making love to a bottle of Jack and that's about it.  I heard (from my friend's brother who did make it there in time) Harden was one of the few (or possibly the only one) to actually step out and talk to some of the fans and thank them. Pretty much everyone else just got in and out as fast as possible.

It looked so incredibly forlorn. It's like when the carnival or fair picks up and leaves. The party is done. Nothing is sadder to me, sportswise, than an empty ballpark in the fading October sunshine. The scoreboard still had information on it. Except for Cubs and LA it said "NO GAME". I could have wept right then and there. I really wish we all could have seen the ivy changing colors at Wrigley deep into October.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

It was certainly a bitter

It was certainly a bitter ending to a sweet season, DB, but for me it doesn't compare to how crushing '03 and '04 were.

Lost in the haze of this gloomy October is one happy truth - the Cubs are no longer an organization to be embarrassed about. These guys are throwing around their money and they are being managed by people determined to win this year, next year, and every year. I think the most heart-breaking aspect of past Cub failures was the creeping knowledge that it would be another 3-5 years before the team took another crack at it. That is no longer the case. With that in mind, as sad as this weekend has been, I'm already excited for what '09 brings because I am convinced that sooner rather than later, this organization will deliver us a championship.

Man since im only 19 and

Man since im only 19 and living at home with my parents and obviously underage to drink, I just sat on the couch screaming why to myself. Trust me, if i could go out and buy alcohol I would have been drinking my sorrows away but instead I decided to get on the computer, went on youtube and played Eddie Vedders new song about the Cubs. No joke, tears started to form. It seems kinda embarrasing now but I truly believe that I found out how much I love this team. The more I sat there on the computer and listened to the post game show on WGN radio the more depressed I got thinking that the season is completely over because boy it was a hell of a run. I will be back next year and every year of my life. Excitement will come back to me as soon as that first big offseason move is made and once spring training opens up, I will be ready to go.

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