Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Wait til next year

Well, I guess it's another year of wait til next year. It was sad to see Big Z the only one who actually tried to have good at-bats.

I am lucky though, I have a little one who has seen the post season for two years in a row. Also, my dad who got me started loving the Cubs in the 70's made it through a heart attack this summer. Thank goodness he didn't pass (although I am sure this didn't make his heart any stronger).

I will always cheer for the Cubs but I feel that this was just a wasted season after leading the NL in wins and gettting DESTROYED in the playoffs with another sweep.

I guess it's back to the drawing board Hendry.

The good news is Cubs Convention is only three months away.

I know it's hard to look at

I know it's hard to look at it this way, but things are going to keep getting better. Look at some of the other teams who've won championships this decade. Yes, some of them were one-and-dones, but a lot of organizations - the Red Sox, D-Backs, and even the Cardinals - made trips to the playoffs in the years proceeding their victory and LOST, sometimes in a very ugly manner.

Hell, from 2000, the Cardinals needed 6 trips to the post season before they won a Series. And while they tinkered, they certainly didn't go nucking futs and dismantle-and-rebuilt after every time they lost.

I'm just trying to provide some perspective - the heartbreaking defeats of '07 and '08 are not an indictment of what will happen in '09.

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