Goatriders of the Apocalypse

There sure are a lot of Cub blogs out there - post 'em if you've got 'em

When we redesigned the blog, we came up with a theoretically fun/interesting way to make our blog roll more interactive and informative.  Kevin asked Byron to give him an updated list of the blogs that we'd include in our roll, but Byron didn't get back to him in a timely fashion - although our good friend and GROTA co-creator has been blogging semi-regularly back at The Cubdom, in case ya didn't know.

I decided this morning to finally compile that long overdue list, and I was shocked to realize that there are close to four dozen active Cubs blogs out there right now.  Four dozen! That's crazy!

Taking a look at many of those blogs for the first time, I have to say I'm impressed by our passion.  A lot of people have put a lot of hard work into talking about the Cubs in an open forum.

However, while I pulled my list from the Cubs Blog Army, don't assume I caught your blog.  If you have a Cubs blog that you'd like to be a part of our blog roll, post a link in the comments of this article.

If I can pull aside an hour later today, I might do a quick Goat Cast, as well about the Year in Review for Goat Riders.  It will be a can't-miss if you enjoy gossip.

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