Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Game Recap: Dodgers 10, Cubs 3, the World is Ending

After the Cubs lost the first game of the post season, I came on board and blasted fans for their ridiculously early and unnecessary pessimism.  Well, my friends, the Cubs are now in the hole 0 games to 2 and you've got to be at least a little curious about what I'm going to say this time.

Actually, I want to direct my attention to a reader who said, "anybody who doesn't believe there is a real curse right now is insane."

Yes, actually, he's right.  It turns out that the Greek Gawds are real, and when Billy-Goat Sianis yelled up to the sky on that fateful October day in 1945, Zeus, or Pan, or one of those idiots answered and the Cubs were cursed.

Let's give that Goat Reader the benefit of the doubt.  Let's imagine that curses are real.  If it was really that easy to curse people, then airplanes would be falling from the sky daily, buildings would topple, people would be breaking out into boils left and right, it would be ridiculous.  But since we'd be "insane" right now not to believe in curses, then I want everybody here to know that I have walked outside, looked up to the heavens, and yelled out "I hereby curse Goat Reader Denton from ever finding love.  He will die old, alone, and unlaid."  I then spun around 3 times and spit.

So, sorry about your luck, Denton.

Anybody who thinks that this is happening because of a curse is a freaking idiot, and you can add that kind of fan to the list of people I wish I could quit as readers.  This isn't happening because of curses.  It's happening because of bad baseball.  Last night, every Cubs infielder made at least one error and cost the team a bunch of runs.  Take out that horrible 2nd inning, and it was actually a close game.

Now, did that happen because of a curse?  Hells no.  It happened because, for whatever reason, Theriot, DeRosa, Lee, Ramirez, whomever, they're all playing with a ridiculous amount of pressure.  Actually, they're fielding grounders the way I would if I were in their situation.  As the ball is spinning toward them, their brains are yelling out "Oh, holy sh*t!  Don'tf**kitupdon'tf**kitupdon'tf**kitup!" You can perhaps understand why I would react that way - I'm not a professional ballplayer, I haven't handled ground balls about a million times, I would be ill-prepared. But what is their excuse?

That's just it.  They can't possibly have one.  No way, no how.

Anyway, we have a full off day to contemplate that nail being hammered into this season's coffin.  Actually, in a lot of ways the pressure is off.  I am no longer expecting the Cubs to win this, and mathematically, the numbers are very, very much against them.  For that reason, I fully expect them to win tomorrow night.  After all, we saw how they started to hit last night once the pressure was off, right?

One last thought for you.  My brother EMailed me to say that he thinks the Cubs can still come back and win.  But what does he know?  He only follows a team that once came back from a 3 games to 0 deficit against their most hated rivals while on the road.


Maybe I said they CAN come back, I dunno without checking. But the point is that I think they WILL comeback. The pitching matchups favor the Cubs in LA, and I don't see Dempster having troubles in Wrigley again. The wildcard IMHO is hitting, and I do think the bats will wakeup. It will be close out west, but don't fret as game 5 will be a Cubs blowout.
I absolutely agree the pressure is off.
Curses are like records; they are meant to be broken.

This is a message from Big Brother.

You actually said, and I

You actually said, and I quote, "I won't be shocked if the Cubs do get there."

C. keeps noting how I haven't been acting upset. She's been more anxious than me. I liken it to what it would probably feel like if, at the homecoming game, somebody pulls your pants down in front of the whole school. Everybody has a laugh, you run off upset and embarrassed, but the worst part comes the following Monday when you go back to school. Will everybody laugh at you? Will you be mocked and ridiculed? That's the mindset I sort of have - a kind of shamed embarrassment. If the Cubs fail to advance, I'm not looking forward to the first day of the off season because I'll still have to be here, talking about the team, trying to pretend that I'm not upset, trying to gloss over the horrible thing that happened, while hoping that everything will gradually return to normal.

Jim Rome just might as well

Jim Rome just might as well of quoted this blog. He said it was not curses but bad baseball, but with his own stern intimidating twist. I seem to like him the more I watch him. He is almost ALWAYS right on.


Can you post the question to the readers as to if they thought Furcal was out of the BOX on the 2nd inning bunt. I have freezed framed it and he seems well out of thebox. I am an umpire and usually you focus on the front (left) foot, but his back (right) foot seemed out, maybe even touching the plate.
that would have been the third out and would have been out of the inning with only one run in. thoughts????

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