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Game 2 projections, early returns

I assumed that yesterday's lineups weren't changing any. (For what it's worth, Lou seems like he'll stick with Fukudome.)


Billingsley - 3.65 ERA, 6.6 IP

Zambrano - 3.63 ERA, 7 IP

I know that my projection for Dempster was lower than my projection for Zambrano, but I think Z is the better pitcher. Marcels is a "dumb" projeciton system, and it can't tell the difference between a low ERA compiled as a reliever and a low ERA compiled as a starter. And my method of generating ERA from components seems to perpetually underrate Zambrano. Also, Zambrano is much more of a horse than Dempster, and much more likely to take us deep into ballgames.

Cubs expected win percentage is .561, a healthy jump up from last night's dismal odds. Today we are truly putting a better team on the field than the Dodgers (without home field advantage the Cubs would have been favored to lose last night's game). Let's capitalize.

Game 1 Trap

Everyone's been saying our strength is rotational depth. Translation: we're significantly better than EVERY OTHER TEAM beyond our Game 1 starter.

EVEN IF we lose tonight, we should be hugely favored in Game 3 (perhaps our best starter will be going), and we have Ted No-Hits-Through-Six Lilly going in Game 4.

A win tonight makes a series victory really, really likely, imho. Even if we lose, we're really not out of it because the back end of our rotation is the balls.

I hope Z is juiced as hell tonight. I want that crazy dude to gas the hell out of these LA punks.

Ya know,

I was thinking the same thing last night. I feel very confident in Harden and Lilly. They can still win this thing.

I hope we get to T Lilly.

I hope we get to T Lilly. He'll put a stop to this nonsense. Any guy who bowls over Yadier is not to be messed with.

Although I could honestly wish Soriano would get BENCHED. I don't care about benching the $136 MIL salary. He's not doing crap with his bat - just like last year. He'd best prove me wrong tonight.

Oh for Pete's sake.

Do you think Derek Lowe just lucked into his career 3.75 ERA? Do you think Reed Johnson and his .280/.323/.398 batting line against righties this year is a better option in left over Soriano? Or maybe Felix Pie?

Baseball is a game of streaks, and nobody knows when those streaks will start or end. All I know is that Soriano is the best option we have for left field.

Soriano can single handedly

Soriano can single handedly completely take over a game. The only position player I can think of off the top of my head that can. So yes, I will stick with Soriano hoping he does just that.

Come on? Soriano to the

Come on? Soriano to the bench? Seriously?

For who? Felix Pie? Reed Johnson?

If we are going to win it's going to be because of players such as Soriano. One other player that NEEDS to step up is Fukudome. I'm sick of his damn slump. It's been like 2 months since he has a real good game. If he fails tonight, i wouldn't mind benching him for the rest of the playoffs, play DeRosa in RF and Fontenot at 2B.

BTW, out of 10 Fukudome HR's this season, one was against Billingsley. Although, that was the only time he hit him out of 5 tries.

Last Nights Commentary by Kurt

Thanks for the kick in the Ass Kurt...I used your words to remind everyone over at my blog...wont put it up here because my intent is not to spam the comment section...just to give you the credit for the ass kicking

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