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Game Recap: Dodgers 7, Cubs 2; Dudes - maintain

Forgive me if I am going to come off as a little harsh, and if you are disturbed by this post, then I can only ask you to think back about the things you have said about the Cubs in the past couple of hours and compare them in terms of disturbedness - if that's even a word. (My spell check says it's not.)

I also want to preference* myself by saying that I am not trying to be a dick.  I promise.

(*Inside joke)

To the lovely, wonderful Cub fans out there who have given up on this season because of one loss, what the hell is the matter with you?  What kind of fans are you?  How disturbed must you be, how damaged must the Cubs have made you for you to cut and run with the team needing two losses before the season is over?

Seriously.  I just saw the same game that you saw.  I felt the same frustration.  I cursed.  I wanted to bury my head in the ground.  I yelled at Dempster for reverting to the pitcher he was Pre '08.  I yelled at Soriano for his hack routine.  I yelled at Derrek for grounding into a double play.  I didn't ridiculously give up on an entire season because of one stinkin' loss.

I know I can't expect Cub fans to be like me.  I hate the Pollyannas out there who cling to the bitter end, until the very last out of the final game even if the Cubs are being blown out.  Those people make me want to puke.  But as much as I hate Cub Fan Pollyanna, I can't stand Cub Fan Nietzsche even more.  Oh yes, the world is a dark, dank place, the Cubs will never win, good things will never happen, please do us a favor and go sodomize yourselves with a splintering broom handle.  If I could quit the Nietzsches out there as readers, I would.  If I could magically ban their computers from reading this blog, I'd do it.

So the Cubs lost tonight.  Yes, it's devastating.  Yes, any momentum they took with them into the playoffs evaporated tonight.  But it's not the loss that will kill them in '08, it's the fact that tomorrow night, they will be playing in a ballpark where the fans have sucked out all the oxygen.  Home field advantage doesn't exist in a place where 25 players compete in front of 40,000 sad participants who are already lamenting a lost season before it even ends.  For Chrissakes, show some heart, it's the least you'd demand of the players on your favorite team!

I've predicted that if the Cubs lost Game One, they could be swept, and the negative fans are the reason why.  I will stand by that prediction.

However, although the Cubs offense faltered, and although the Cubs starting pitcher failed, the biggest culprit from tonight's loss won't be out there tomorrow.  Ryan Dempster will be sitting in the dugout, starring vacantly onto the field, wondering what would've happened if he hadn't soft served that pitch.

In the meantime, the fiercest, most competitive Cub in my lifetime will be on the mound.  He'll be angry.  He'll be ready.

As for those of you who have deep sixed the season, I only ask that you keep it that way.  Don't watch the games.  Don't bother, it's all over anyway, right?  Don't read the blogs.  Why would you, we're hopelessly devoted to the belief that anything can happen in a 5 game series.  You wouldn't waste your time, right?

Nice venting. And if you are

Nice venting. And if you are offended by this, suck it up and listen. We are WAY to good of a team to fold like little leaguers. I expect a totally different game tomorrow.

who said anything about bailing....

I am going down with the Titanic. The winner of game one wins 24 out of 28 times. Which Zambrano will we see tomorrow? I felt the Cubs needed to win this one. Will Derrek Lee realize that he is beast again, or will he continue to make soft ground outs? Will Lou realize Fukudome just doesn't get it? Will DeRosa be healthy enough to play right field so Pocket Rocket can play? Too many questions man.

Thank you

I think Z going tomorrow in game 2 is great. A fired up and determined Z is exactly the kind of kick in the ass the offense needs. Regardless of what he does on the mound (and I have faith he'll be great) you know there'll be more life in the park.

Course, it'd be hard for it to be worse, I've never heard Wrigley so silent from pitch 1.

Rattle and Hum...minus the rattle

I have NEVER heard Wrigley so tranquilized ! From the first inning on it was a monotonous backround buz. Let's wake up here people. It may be our last home game tonight damnit !.

Couldn't agree more

The difference between the sox game our game was insane. They came to the game to absolutly cheer on there team no matter what.

good post

I completely agree kurt. I just want to say yall (im from sc) are doing a great job with your site...i've always preferred your site to BCB you give a lot of different angles to being a cub fan not just post game recaps with hindsight into coaching decisions....anyways keep up the good work and its only game one, its pretty nice having big Z to start game 2 we will definately rebound from this....also don't compare us with red sox fans....they don't have a monkey on their back and they were playing well last night, its easy to be upbeat as a sox fan these days

Tonight's the Night

My feeling is that whoever wins tonight's game wins this series. Now, regarding the "fan factor" at Wrigley...

In baseball, I believe the fan factor has more to do with keeping the players pumped up than anything. In football, fan-noise is an actual direct part of the game. That being said, I DO believe the fan-factor has an effect on the game.

I was at last night's game, in the RF bleachers. From the moment they let us in the stadium and we got to our section for BP, we knew the crowd wasn't right. There were, I believe, 5 balls hit to our section, and with 6 guys, we got 3 of those balls. That wasn't because we were diving or elbowing our way to those balls, it was because most of the people there were already sitting on their hands.

The pre-game (lineups announced, etc.) cheering was weak. DeRosa's HR to make it 2-0 might as well have been a HR in a regular season game when we're already up 10 runs. Then, after the Grand Slam, the crowd basically died completely. We were literally scolding the half of our bleacher section. With 2 outs and 2 strikes, half the section wouldn't even stand up, wouldn't even CLAP! At the time, we were down 4-2.

So, not that any of those half-arsed fans would even know enough to make it to this website, but if you know any of those types who are planning on going to the game, take their tickets away. They'll be the ones cheering (mildly), as long as things are going well.

Go Cubs!

BZK, you're not the only

BZK, you're not the only person I've heard commenting on how it just felt "wrong" there last night. Tim Souers who does the Cubby-Blue illustration blog, went to the game, and he said basically the same thing:

I just read yesterday night's comments.
I can't believe them.
It must have sounded so dead on tv.
I have to tell you I'm relieved because I am serious - I felt like I'd been drugged from the second I got off the el.
I thought I was just misinterpreting everything.
I thought it was me.
There was literally no atmosphere at all.
No spirit.
A million dead people all around.
And I heard the boos for Dempster, because they were loud.
That had to feel like a punch in the gut.

Zombie fans. Blech.

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