Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The pitching, game one

As always, those interested in pitching need to check out Harry Pavlidis' CubsF/X. Here's his look at Derek Lowe. And here's an older look at Ryan Dempster.

Now, pitching projections. These are nothing more than basic Marcels, using BaseRuns to generate ERA. They now take into account strength of team defense:

Dempster, 3.47 ERA

Lowe, 3.60 ERA

This year, the Dodgers' bullpen outpitched the Cubs' bullpen, with a 3.76 RA to the Cubs' 4.58 RA. Low has also pitched deeper into games. So the Dodgers have the slight edge in pitching going into tonight's game, 3.87 RA to 4.01 RA projected.

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