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Very Superstitious

I don’t have much to offer in the way of  insight today (or ever actually), but I just wanted to put down my two cents before the playoffs get started here because I’m paranoid as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more.

Like Rob eluded to in his post, I’m that early twentysomething Cubs fan who is trying to schedule terrible work hours in order to open up my schedule to watch the playoff games. What I’ve never really eluded to on this site, however, is how superstitious I am about this team.

Let me put out a little disclaimer here first: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN SUPERSTITION OR THAT ANY MYTHICAL FORCES INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME OF SPORTING EVENTS. For some unexplainable reason though, I do these little things because I think they are somehow going to “help” the Cubs win. I basically subscribe to two superstitions:

1.) I must Old Style during Cubs games
Let me tell you friends, Old Style sucks…a lot. It’s like literally drinking gasoline mixed with vinegar sprinkled with rubbing alcohol. But somehow, me drinking Old Style helps the Cubs win. This superstition started last summer when my friend and I started buying cases of Old Style and trying to finish it throughout the course of game. Most times we did that, the Cubs would win…and we would be very drunk. So we continue to slowly poison ourselves to death because it makes Aramis Ramirez hit the ball harder. That’s true love man...or blind idiocy. Really, what’s the difference?

2.) I never EVER brag about the Cubs
It doesn’t matter if they’re winning by a half game of if the team goes 162-0, the second I start bragging or gloating about this team, they begin to lose…instantly. This superstition has proved true throughout my entire life and it actually kind of scares me because it is so consistent. Now I subscribe to a fandom of eternal pessimism.

Those are my two unflinchingly rigid superstitions, now what are yours?

I’ve always believed that the superstitions we hold bring us closer to the game than anything else. We actually think we can have an impact on the game by eating a hot dog as fast as we can or by wearing a specific t-shirt.

So what are you going to do to help the Cubs win tonight?


And Now Some Numbers

I was looking at the LA Times website and I came across an article that had the hitting statistics for the Dodgers starting lineup against Ryan Dempster:

Rafael Furcal: .214 (6-28, 1 RBI)

Russell Martin: .286 (2-7, 0 HRs)

Manny Ramirez: 1.000 (1-1, 2B, RBI)

Andre Ethier: .455 (5-11, 2 2B, 1 HR, 3 RBIs)

James Loney: .250 (1-4)

Matt Kemp: .200 (1-5, 1 2B)

Blake DeWitt: .200 (1-5, 1 2B)

Casey Blake: has never faced Dempster

Outiside of Furcal, Dirty Demp hasn't really faced many of these guys. In my experience, that seems to be an advantage for the pitcher.


1. The cub W flag will not come down this year until the season is over.

2. I've decided to play the Eddie Vedder non-stop until either the Cubs win the damn thing or I become Deniro actor crazy - Travis Bickle, Rupert Pupkin or Gil Renard .

better than Old Style

A couple of friends and I eat hot dogs before a must win game for the Cubbies. Ideally, it has to be Vienna beef, but Kosher hot dogs work. Ironically, Kosher hot dogs with cheese work really well(cheese negates the Kosher of the hot dog.) Anyway, hot dogs before Cubs games works 80% of the time everytime!!!!

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