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Open Thread - playoff predictions

I'm going to be out this morning, so this will probably the the only post from me until I work on some more series preview stuff later today.

Now that the White Sox have fallen into the playoffs, we have all the matchups set up.  I invite you guys to share your thoughts on what you think will happen, at least for the first round.  If you want to take the next step and predict the Championship Series as well, you are welcome.

ALDS White Sox vs. Rays - Chicago has played hard to get in and exhaustion may be a factor here.  Tampa has never before reached the post season and has a number of young players.

After having watched Florida and later Arizona topple the Cubs, I've developed a theory that young teams that make the playoffs do better, if only because they're simply happy to be there and are more likely to play loose the entire time.  It won't matter to Tampa if they're down 2 games to 1 or even 2 games to 0, they're going to play hard and have fun out there.  Therefore, I predict it will be the Rays in 4.

ALDS Red Sox vs. Angels - I've recognized the scariness of the Angels since early in the season.  However, they are possibly the weakest team to win 100 in ages, as their division didn't exactly deliver unto them a ton of competition.  The Red Sox are well-assembled and have a deep squad.  I think they'll win this series, but if the Angels manage to take it, I think that LAofA will be the team to beat for the Series.  Red Sox in 5.

NLDS Philles vs. Brewers - Like the White Sox, Milwaukee will have to contend with exhaustion at this point.  On top of that, they really have only one dangerous pitcher right now, and he`s been throwing complete games on short rest for the last two or three weeks of the season.  The Phillies had a stiff competition of their own, but at this point they have the better pitching - and that's what wins playoff games, folks.  Pitching and defense.  Phillies in 4.

NLDS Cubs vs. Dodgers - I'm starting to think that the Dodgers might be the best 84 win team to ever reach the playoffs.  They don't really have a single hole offensively, although I'd characterize their team as having a lot of #2 hitters and one #3 hitter.  They also have fantastic pitching, particularly in the bullpen.  The Cubs, however, have the best starting pitching of any team in the playoffs and they have more than one game-changer in their offense.  Cubs in 4.

I'm not going to predict the CS or WS at this point, but again, feel free to do so if you want.  I'm sure one of the Riders will have more for you later today, even if I don't.

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