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Grumpy old man to remain in Chicago until 2010

Crazy Lou
Image from the Daily Illini

The news out of Chicago tonight is actually surprising to some degree.  Jim Hendry has picked up Lou Piniella's contract options, extending everybody's favorite Cubs skipper through the 2010 season.

This is predominantly surprising because Lou has given hints that he may retire if the Cubs win the Series this year.

Now, I personally think that Lou has turned out to be a tremendous surprise in the dugout.  I expected him to be all kinds of wrong for the organization, but the Cubs have played exceptionally well for Piniella in his first 2 years at the helm.  I'm tentatively supportive of this extension, although at 65 years of age, Lou runs the risk of losing his effectiveness in the dugout if he sticks around for too long.  I'm sure some of our older Goat Readers (and perhaps even our Goat Riders) remember what it was like in Chicago in the early 1970's when Leo the Lip began to let things slip through the cracks.

Anyway, it's great that Piniella has been rewarded for his success.  However, if he truly is going to retire upon winning a championship here, let's hope it happens soon - not because I want to see him go, mind you, but because I really, really want to see them win.

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