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A Why We Cheer worth reading

DB posted a Why We Cheer yesterday that I promoted to the first page and changed the time stamp on to reflect that it was posted this morning.

When Kevin (our web guy) found out what I did, he apparently booked a flight to Toronto from England because he wanted to pummel me.  (Something about warping the space-time continuum and risking the destruction of the world mere weeks away from the first Cubs championship in a long while.)  So, I guess I won't be doing that with the Why We Cheer posted by ChicagoCubsFan23.

But I don't want you to miss this post.  So, do us and CCF23 the favor of following this in-house link and reading the post in question.


You warped the fabric of space and time just for me? This makes my dorktastic Doctor Who loving self feel sort of fuzzy.

Funny. Quoting myself word

Funny. Quoting myself word for word from my conversation with Kev: "maybe I'll get to meet Doctor Who when he comes to thwart my plans"


See Subject.



Pot or kettle?

Wow...I'm Flattered

I'm flattered that my fellow Cubs fans think so highly of my Blog. Thank you very sincerely for your compliments!

Go, Cubs, go!

Does it matter? LOL

Does it matter? LOL


I suppose not.

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