Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Lou ain't gonna change things now

I learned something this week.  I always wanted to be a "Yankee Fan"...by that I mean I wanted to have the ability to walk into any social setting and automatically assume it was about me.  I also wanted to go to any street corner and get a bagel with a shmear, and I wanted to feel like I just had a total lobotomy without actually having to deal with the pain and gore.  AND I wanted to spend the last week of the regular season looking down at all the peons, having to scramble for THEIR playoff lives, safe and secure in our own.

It was freakin' boring.  I am SO ready for games that matter.

At the 2006 CubsCon, I had the 'honor' of asking Johnnie B. (Dusty) Baker whether or not he ever planned to 'set' his batting order, because I figured the lack of offensive continuity in 2005 was due to the juggling of the order.  Dusty, of course, came back at me with several 'dudes' and an actual reference to 'the horses', as in "Can't win without your horses".  Dude.  I did this, because we're accustomed to blaming batting orders for our problems.  Our guys didn't have a clue on how to approach an at-bat situationally; must be because they didn't know where they were in the batting order on any given day.  In 2008, I don't remember a single occurrence where one of us questioned the approach of a hitter that wasn't Ronny Cedeno.

Soriano is not a leadoff hitter.  DPLee has not functioned well as a third hitter in 2008.  When the season started, it seemed that Fukudome was born to bat second, and lately I still feel that way.  He could bat second, in Hiroshima, for the Carp.  I doubt we've played three games in a row this year with the same 1 thru 8 lineup.  There are some basic premises Lou has followed: Soriano 1, Lee 3, Ramirez 4, and everyone else has been slotted based on some secret criteria none of us mere mortals are privy to.  He doesn't try to go L-R-L-R...he seems to ride the hot hand pretty much when determining his slots.  It takes a reckless man to turn away from the modus operandi in the postseason, and Lou ain't reckless at 68 years of age. 

Expect Soriano to lead off, Lee to bat third, Ramirez 4th, just like we've seen all year long.  It sounds boring, and could very well kill us in the end.  But I am willing to wager things of tangible worth on the notion that our 1-3-4 hitters will be static in the NLDS.


can't stand the yanks or their fans. OR any east coast teams for that matter. check this video out, its good--on changing the name of wrigley to something else.


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