Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Waiting Game

During the summer, back when I was five, I didn't understand why the Cubs didn't play on certain days.  Heck, if I could play baseball every day out in the cul-de-sac (or "The Court" as it was referred to by the neighborhood kids) so should the Cubs.  As I grew older, I started to understand that baseball players put a great deal of strain on their bodies during the season and need days off to recover.  However, to this day I hate off days in baseball, particularly for extended periods of time (I'm looking at you All-Star break).

It has only been a matter of hours since the last out was recorded to close the Cubs regular season schedule and I'm already frustrated with the down time.  The time spent waiting for playoff baseball to begin is even more frustrating than I thought.  The Cubs clinched last weekend and allowed us to look towards the postseason, and I'll admit, it was exciting to debate about the possibilities.  Moreover, even though they were not meaningful games for the Cubs, there was still baseball to be played that we could analyze and discuss on top of it. 

However, now that the regular season games are done, all the substantive discussions are replaced with the speculations of so-called "experts," obligatory fluff pieces about our WS drought, and the incessant ramblings and freak outs by fans that for some reason find a cliff that has a comfortable edge for any number of reasons despite being a fan of the team that had the best record in the NL (OMG... the Dodgers have been so HOT lately [7-7 in last 14]; they have MANNY... his dreadlocks have been touched by the divine!; Jeff Kent is sooooo dreamy!).  Wait.  Scratch that last one.

I can't wait until Wednesday when the first pitch is thrown and we can get back to baseball.

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