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Ben Sheets to start tomorrow

In what could be great news for the Cubs or a Willis moment for the Brewers, Ben Sheets will be pitching tomorrow for the Crew.

ESPN is reporting that Sheets threw 20 pitches in a side session yesterday, and while his sore elbow would require a "minor miracle" to be healed enough for him to pitch again, he will try to do just that.

It's an interesting scenario.  If I was a Brewers fan, I would be dead set opposed to it.  Actually, I'd take the same perspective if I was Sheets's agent.  The Brewers ace may be available via free agency this off season, and considering that he's arguably missed 30+ starts over the last 4 seasons due to arm issues, he may be damaging his free agency value by risking further devestation to it tomorrow.  I guess he just wants to get into the playoffs that badly, as if whichever team he signs with next year won't be likely to get him there.

Regardless, it's a bold move, and I'll make a bold prediction: if he returns and, on grit, guile, and, erm, something else that starts with the letter "g," he dominates the Cubs and delivers a victory, then the Brewers will momentum their way to a Sunday win as well, and a playoff appearance.  But if he comes in, tosses 2 innings, leaves the Brewers with a 5 run deficit, and enters the off season as a free agent in need of arm repair, then he will have to strongly be considered for the Idiot Sportsman of the Year Award, which I just invented.

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