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THE HUNT FOR BLUE OCTOBER: Soriano and Ugly Betty

The next several Cubs related posts will be collectively known as THE HUNT FOR BLUE OCTOBER.  The focus will be on the 2008 team and the drive for the World Series.

First up is Alfonso Soriano, who many people already known is a bit of a douche nozzle.

Just within the past week, Deadspin released photos found on a 24-year old woman’s Facebook page that shows her canoodling with the married Soriano.  The photos show Sori in a wife-beater (how appropriate!) surrounded by alcohol and smokes.

The question of his douchyness is less due to him cheating on his wife, which in itself is an unfortunate commonality among all MLB players and sports teams in general.  The pure Cubs question is whether Soriano’s partying like this is on days off or game days?  Is he dropping balls because he is hungover from dropping balls….in chicks mouths?

Tastless, yes.  Unfortunate, yes.  Unacceptable, yes.

This Cubs team is going to go down in history as one of the best of all time.  The last thing we need is a controversy to draw attention away from the field.  Sure, we can crucify Soriano and every other player who does the scummy thing like this, but wait until the season is over.

I don't really spend a lot of

I don't really spend a lot of time on many message boards, but I haven't seen a lot of Soriano backlash to date.

Thing is, let's be fair - pictures of an insanely hot girl snuggling up on the Fonz do not immediately mean that they've had the sexing. But, let's be realistic, too. Chances are, if he hasn't slept with her, he's slept with others. As much as that means I wouldn't trust him around my fiancee, I still trust him to lead off my favorite team in the first game of a short series. I also don't believe it impacts Soriano as a teammate.

Now, in regards to the partying aspect... players do not stay in. Many of those who come to Chicago find it difficult to adjust to the day games because they are used to staying up and out late. Soriano doesn't seem to be struggling with the day game factor, so I don't think he's playing hung over. Besides ... if you're not familiar with the story of how Kerry Wood met his wife, you should look it up. Just an example of a good team guy doing an irresponsible thing without it effecting his day job.

In other words, it's much ado about nothing, and Soriano's private life is really not our business. I'm not worried about it.

True True True

I agree Kurt, but look at how the media/fans treated A-Rod with his divorce and Roger Clemens with his debacle. I can separate ability from personality, but many can't. I would hate to see this affect his play on the field due to fans in the stands shouting things at him.


maybe he isnt married anymore. Either way is it really anyone elses business?

Let's not turn this blog into...

a gossip rag. Let's talk baseball. This is about as important as some players that like cockfighting. And we all know where that led on here.

can't leave us hanging

so how exactly did kerry wood meet his wife? don't think i've ever heard that story

She worked at a bar he was

She worked at a bar he was hanging out at ... he spent a night talking with her and drinking, despite having to pitch the next day. He supposedly won that game, btw.

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