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Playoff Matchups - A nifty graphic, and then some thoughts

Goat Reader KCassidy speculated in the shout box recently as to what the playoff match-ups might look like.  A while back, I did a very pre-emptive graphic to convey how strong the Cubs rotation is.  I've updated it for the playoffs.  Commentary after the rather large image:


Pitching Matchups

So. First and foremost, let's praise Jim Hendry for assembling the deepest starting rotation by far of any team in the NL this year.  Now, for Milwaukee, I left off Ben Sheets as he may or may not pitch again this year.  As for the other teams, let's break it down...

Dempster vs. the other team aces is not an easy win for the Cubs, and especially with Santana and Sabathia, having to win 3 games in a 5 game series in which both might pitch twice will be no easy task.

One other thing to consider - some of these teams may go with 3-man rotations.  That may help them or maybe it'll actually hurt them.  Regardless, the Cubs are so much deeper that it's ridiculous.  I'm sure Colin will do the splits a little later, but while the Battle of Aces is no sure thing, I'd take Harden, Zambrano, and Lilly over any of their opponents.

Also, if I have time, I might also do a comparative split with the Cubs pitchers and the AL playoff starters.

And since we've been low on reader comments the last few days, I'll finish by saying this: please feel free to express your opinion about all of these matchups.  Did I get some wrong?  Did I leave a pitcher off that list who should have been on it?  Will Dempster's home field dominance give him an advantage, as he'll be pitching at home for perhaps the entirety of the playoffs?



That is one sexy graphic.

That is all.

Keep truckin.


Maybe not relevant...

But as much as we have given him the dubious honor of being the Marquis Du Suck, can anyone name a better 5th starter in baseball?

Shockingly, no ... but we may

Shockingly, no ... but we may also be hard pressed to find one as expensive. Meh.

Good Tidings

This has got me feeling pretty good.

So you are saying

That future HoFer Greg Maddux, with all his playoff experience, is not going to be in the starting rotation for the Dodgers? That they will go with ROOKIE, Kershaw?

Good point. I neglected

Good point. I neglected Maddux... not that he's really a ton of an improvement there at this stage in his career.

Dempster officailly named the

Dempster officailly named the starter for Game 1. Congrats to him. He has come a long way from where he was last year and totally deserves it. I cant wait for the last few regular season games to be over. IM READY FOR THE PLAYOFFS!!!

pitching matchups

Thanks Kurt.

I really wasn't sure who I wanted to see the Cubs face in the NLDS and now...
I still don't know.

But now at least I know the pitching matchups, thanks agian Kurt.

Does anybody know if they are actually going to play that Monday game against Houston?

They would have made up the

They would have made up the game if it had playoff implications, but it won't. The Cubs can win 99, and we will forever wonder if they would've won 100.

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