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More Pictures! The scene around Wrigley once we clinched

Just a link to my flickr with pictures of the scenes of happy-happy around Wrigley after we beat the Cardinals on Saturday.



BTW: if anyone knows where to get a t-shirt with that "Hunt for Blue October" sign graphic on it....TELL ME. I need that. Like yesterday.

Good pics...

Good stuff.

That said, um...is anyone surprised that Reed Johnson wears a Rockstar Energy Drink hat?


I didn't know what that was. I've been trying to figure out his t-shirt. Is it a Redskins one?

Reed is...yeah. I'm just going to leave the ellipses.

With your permission, DB,

With your permission, DB, sometime today I'll post some of your pics directly on the blog. You can do that too, you just need to toy with the various html options of a blog post.


That was groovy. I'm a little technologically inept at some things dealing with HTML and I didn't actually realize I could post those to the main page myself.

I've got more photo sets from games throughout this year. Those should all be accessible if you ever want to just grab random ones. Although, to be honest, I have focused inordinately on getting pictures of DeRosa's (and now, Harden's) ass.

My argument is that in a world geared towards the male enjoyment of T&A, I'm taking a stand for equality and enjoying fine baseball butt.

Go me.

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