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Game Recap: Cubs 5 Cadinals 1 (Hangover edition)

In a game of absolutely not consequence, in which we could charitably claim that one starter started (the combined presence of Fukudome and Fontenot...two halves make a whole), the Cubs still won.  So either the entire Cubs organization is really awesome, or the Cardinals just suck.

I'm not sure which gives me more joy.

So the heros ended up being Casey McGehee (yes, I had to look up that spelling) and Kosuke, Ronnie Cedeno and Felix Pie.  A cavalcade of All-Stars, no doubt (wait, Kosuke was an All-Star!  Who knew!).  And yet, despite all that, the Cubs still won.  God, the Cubs rule.

I think the most amazing thing out of all this is that Dempster ended up with 17 wins on the season (I suppose he might have a shot at 18, dunno).  This is one of those great situations where nobody could have predicted this and anyone who claims to have done so is a drity, dirty liar.  We've gone all season and Dempster revealed himself to be the ace.  It's a crazy world.

The Cubs finish the regular season with 55 home wins, the most since 1935.  The Cubs still have an outside shot at 100 wins.  The Cubs have three aces and we have a poll up debate which should go first.

This is an amazing team and this is certainly my preferred form of hangover.

Go Cubs.

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