Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Thanks for the comments guys...thoughts on Z.

I never really expected my blog to be posted, but I am grateful that it was.  Thanks for the kind words in the comments as well Kurt.

I have a problem with the fact Z started tonight.  We knew he was having shoulder issues and we knew he over-exerted himself on Sunday...so why pitch him on regular rest?!  I understand allowing him to start if we were maybe tied for a playoff spot, but with our magic number at 2 for locking up the division with 10 to play...why the hell pitch him.  As of Sunday's no-hitter I believed Z should only have one more start...next Tuesday and Harden should start the following Wednesday.  That means each of them gets 7 full days of rest heading into their starts.  Doing this was important for one reason.  It being each of them really wouldn't have strained themselves over the last 3 weeks of the season and would be 100% going into the playoffs.  In the playoffs, I'm sure at least Z would be asked to go on short rest, so why burn them out during meaningless regular season games.  I even told my dad last night there was a 75% chance he gets lit up and his heater will be in the low 90s at best.  Look what happened.  The mismanagement of the pitching staff lately (overuse of Wood and Marmol in unneeded sitchoos and not being cautious enough with Z's and Harden's arm) is driving me insane.  What do I know?  I'm just a retarded 22 year old who's never touched a baseball in my life (actually it's quite the opposite).

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