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Carlos Being Carlos: Intentional Stinker All for the Cub Fans

While he may never admit it, Carlos actually tanked in Friday's game on purpose.  I have second hand, of the record comments that never took place to prove it.

"Yeah, it was for the fans." Carlos Zambrano didn't really say.  "I figured Milwaukee would lose on Friday night, and that would move our magic game down to one.  If we would have won today (Friday) at Wrigley, we would have clinched the division and there wouldn't have been a party.  Hay man, I like a party, and I want to party Saturday.  So we will clinch tomorrow, and you can all thank me then."

Carlos went Nostradamus on us;  the Brewers got whacked by Cincy 11-2 on Friday night.

It was meant to be on Friday, just as the Cubs clinching tomorrow at Wrigley in front of their fans, was meant to be.

The Magic Number is down to 1, meaning the Cubs will close it all out tomorrow afternoon.

Here is something interesting; there is a really good chance that there will be a party in Wrigley tomorrow, as both teams start at 2:55 tomorrow afternoon...so if the Cubs should somehow lose tomorrow, they could still clinch with a Brewers loss.

But that would be unlike this dream season of 2008.  Cubs close it out tomorrow, and the song echoes from Wrigley all the way down to the Cell....

Believe it.

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