Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Go, Mets, Go!

Ron Santo would punch me in the face if he read this, but I am strongly advocating for the Mets to pull it together and reach the post season over the Phillies.  Mostly, I think this would be a good thing for one simple, essential reason - the following key Met players are on the DL:

Billy Wagner - 2.30 ERA, 27 saves
Orlando Hernandez - 24 starts, 9-5, 3.72 ERA
John Maine - 25 starts, 10-8, 4.18 ERA
Moises Alou - .347 AVG in what little playtime he had this season
Fernando Tatis - .297 AVG, 11 HR, 47 RBI

At the rate they're dropping, it'll be a miracle if they make it.  And if they make it ... soft prey.

John Maine may return for the

John Maine may return for the playoffs.... be careful of what you wish for. lol

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