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A few numbers to keep you occupied (and happy)

As we wait anxiously for Jason Marquis to dominate Ben Sheets in a Hall of Fame (snicker) match-up, I thought I'd mention a few fun facts that you might not be aware of right now.

First: with a 91-58 record, the Cubs are percentage points away from having the best record in all of baseball. They only trail the 92-58 Los Anaheim Angels. One key difference between the two teams: the combined winning percentage of non-Angel teams in the AL west is .447. The combined winning percentage of non-Cub teams in the NL Central is .496. And that's obviously because of the craptacular Reds and Pirates.

With 12 (or 13) games remaining this year, if the Cubs went 0-for-the-season, the Brewers would have to go 8-3 just to tie them for the division.

At this point, I think we should refrain from even really talking about it, but the Cubs would need to go 9-4 against a pretty tough schedule to ... well, you know. ::cough::win100::cough::


One thing I've learned is that baseball is not surprisingly predictable, but it is predictably surprising. With that in mind, I'm going to lay out the next month for you.

1. The Cubs will finish the year 99-61. Why? This is a great tease for Cub fans who will debate for years if they could have/should have won 100. But, ultimately, it won't matter.

2. The first round opponents will be the Dodgers. Why? Because LA have played good, hard baseball against the Cubs all year long and it will be a scary series. Especially since Manny Ramirez has been a force of nature since he was acquired from Boston.

3. Second round team - the Mets. Why? New York has a storied history with the Cubs and it will drive Ron Santo to the brink of panic.

4. World Series opponent - Tampa Bay Rays. Now I'm really reaching, but with home field advantage, it is only fitting that the Cubs would play a team that swept them.

I could very well be wrong about all of these, but I suspect I won't be. Obviously, only time will tell. But, all that said, I now feel very confident that this Cubs team has the ability to go all the way. I hope you do, too.

For the first round opponent

For the first round opponent to be the Dodgers, the Brewers have to come back and win the Wild Card (unless the Astros do it). Otherwise, the Cubs will play the loser of the Mets-Phillies tussle.

And it is doubtful the Brewers will win the Wild Card if the Cubs finish at 99-61.

Yep, I know. I'm predicting

Yep, I know. I'm predicting that Milwaukee will rebound - in a few days.

LOL good read, although i

LOL good read, although i don't think you're right about those predictions, but just like you said, you just never know.... lol

The Phillies play @ Atl, @ Fla, vs. Atl and vs. Wash.
The Mets play @ Wash @ Atl, vs. Cubs, vs. Fla
The Brew Crew play @ Cubs, @ Cin, vs. Pitt, vs. Cubs

Phillies are going to destroy their last opponents with strong SP, solid bullpen and Ryan Howard.

The Mets are a very strong offensive team and do get good starting pitching, but bullpen sucks.

And the Brewers, can't win unless it's Sabathia and now even that doesn't help them. I don't want to jump the gun here but they won't win the next two against us and in the last series i don't think they'll sweep us, since we won't want to go into the playoffs losing 3 in a row. And, they stink on the road.

All this spells is... Phillies win NL East and play the Dodgers. And the Mets get the wildcard and play the Cubs.

And speaking of the playoffs, assuming the White Sox get in, which i have no reason to think they won't, these may be the highest rated playoffs in MLB history due to the big cities in it.

Chicago vs. Tampa Bay
Boston vs. Los Angeles

Philly vs. Los Angeles
Chicago vs. New York

Could be. Weirdly, the AL

Could be. Weirdly, the AL team that worries me the most is Anaheim.

It's going to be a nerve-wracking Oct.

I'm not a big fan of the

I'm not a big fan of the Angles. Sure they dominate as a team, but they show alot of flaws in their game. Very poor defense. Alot of base running mistakes and K-Rod allows alot of hitters on base before he closes out the save. With him holding the save record, i can totally see him be the "goat" of the playoffs and blow 2 or 3 saves....

For the record, the team that scares me most is Boston. Beckett and Dice-K. Can we beat them? I STILL have nightmares about Beckett from 2003.


The Angels worry me the least. They have flaws which will be glaring and exploited in the postseason. Boston, CWS and the DEVILrays worry me more.
Boston has the experience, the depth and the spunk.
The Rays have nothing to lose. And lots of talent, but little experience.
The Sux... well, I may just die from sadness if by any chance they beat the Cubs.
I do hope it's the Angels and the Cubs at the end.

Perhaps my adding machine is off, but...

99-61 is only 160 games. I assume they won't play on the 29th so what about the other game?

I'm going to say 94-67. The Cubs just aren't going to care much longer and won't have any reason to win games.

160 games - guh. I guess

160 games - guh. I guess that makes me the Mike Alstott of blogging.

Uhhhh, 160 games? Me no understand!

Mike Alstott?

Since I'm a fellow Boilermaker, give me a heads up on the Alstott reference.

Alstott is just about the

Alstott is just about the dumbest human being who has ever existed, basically, from the stories I've heard out of Tampa.


I am hoping that they finish 99-62 and the game on the 29th doesn't get played. That 100 game debate will last forever.

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