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Four is a Magic Number

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This month has been a wild and crazy ride as a member of the Cubs bandwagon.

Heck, this entire season has been unlike anything I have ever experienced in my quarter century of pulling for the Northsiders.

Kurt has had to talk me off the ledge a time or two, and I am glad that he did.  Now, when I first started talking to Kurt, I never would have pegged him to actually be the one to talk me off of any ledges.  But such is life.

The Cubs beat the Brewers 5-4 on Tuesday night, inching closer to the now inevitable National League Central Division Title.

That's what the 'experts' predicted the Cubs would accomplish, but we have all chased after that holy grail before, only to have our hopes and dreams dashed in May.

This year, the Cubs have actually lived up to the hype, and perhaps even surpassed it, which makes it so damned enjoyable.

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself a little bit, and for the extra-goatish among you, I am making you nervous...as if what I say can somehow fly back in the Cubs faces and add to some cosmic jinx.

Screw that, Jobu!

I don't care what the stats say about the following, I just believe that:

-This is the best situational hitting Cubs team in my lifetime, or IML for short.

-This is one of the best defensive teams when it matters a heck of a lot IML

-This is the best pitching staff IML

-This is the toughest lineup to face IML

My least favorite part of Tuesday night's game was followed by a stroke of genius; Inserting Bob Howry into the game nearly cause me to throw my remote against the TV, but I was glad to see that Lou started the bus early and sent Howry packing at the first sign of an open flame, the walk.

I don't know if anyone smokes in the Cubs Clubhouse, but please do not do so around Bob Howry.  Flames can ignite, you know, and Howry has to smell like 89 octane petrol.

How about Fonz's curtain call when no one was cheering for it?  That has to be the sign of a good team, right?  I will just assume the answer is yes, since I have never seen that before.

And though Kerry gave up another run, hey, he had two to work with, alright?  His curve ball to strike out Jabba Fielder was just filthy after Jabba had seen about 6 96mph heaters.   That was real sweet stuff right there.

And the Brewers, who did something so Brewerish in not firing Ned Yost last year, or this May, only to fire him with 15 some odd games left in the season while they were actually tied for the wildcard lead, are now circling the drain, about to be eliminated by the Cubs from contention in the central.  And they beat C.C...who still has an arm, but not for long.  Any thoughts that this guy might be ready for some arm trouble for whomever signs him next year?

But that's not my problem, and it appears he won't be a problem for the Cubs in October, either.

Dang it, this is fun.

I still think we will sweep

I still think we will sweep the Brewers and get the divison on Thursday afternoon.... it's gonna be a PaRtY night on Thursday!!

Not only to celebrate the Cubs but my good friend turns 21. lol

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