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Series Preview - Cubs vs. Brewers

So, here it is.  Milwaukee floats into Chicago on a river of sausage and cheddar (read: greatest river *ever*) tied for the wild card lead and still alive in the race for the Central Division title.  It seems like a time when our Northern Neighbors should be enthused and excited.  Of course, to think this would be to ignore the fact that the Brewers have been working dilligently at blowing a sizable Wild Card lead and now stand an excellent chance of missing the playoffs entirely (a concept that seemed an impossibility no more than a month ag0).

But take heart, Brewers fans, there is still much to celebrate.  Allow me to elucidate:

- You have one fewer George W. Bush look-alike on the team!  Yes, that's right, Ned Yost has been fired, proving once again that it's never wise to employ a man named Ned.  The man was a moron and now he's gone.  Frankly, I now fear the Brewers far more than I have at any point during this season.

- Milwaukee was named the #1 city for lesbians in 2001.  Hey, wasn't "Lavergne and Shirley" filmed in Milwaukee?  Hmm...

- Get this: Milwaukee is the 5th fittest city in the US while Chicago is the #1 fattest city.  It seems counterintuitive, sure, but it definitely lends credence to the argument for cheddar as a diet food.

- Things can only get better from here on out.  I mean, unless the Brewers should somehow continue to lose, fall out of the wild card, lose Sabathia and Sheets to free agency, and be forced into a rebuilding cycle.  Barring any of that, though, things are on the upswing.

So buck up, Brewers fans, and enjoy some baseball.  And if anyone else has a feel-good to send the Brewers' way, leave it in the comments.

Series Preview

Cubs vs. Brewers

Tuesday, September 16th, 7:05 PM CT

Ryan Dempster vs. CC Sabathia- Ryan Dempster has begun to look pretty normal recently -  although not bad, just normal.  Here's hoping he can return to form given the bit of extra rest Hurricane Ike has afforded him.

CC, on the other hand, continues to not look even remotely normal .    Hell, he's starting to look quite a bit like Zool's perferred endgame weapon.  But, he's certainly quite the pitcher and has been a great acquisition for the Brewers.  Largely pointless, it seems, but great nonetheless. 

Wednesday, September 17th, 7:05 PM CT


Jason Marquis vs. Ben Sheets - Okay, so maybe this one will be tough to win.  Fair enough.  However, Sheets is hardly a lock for a complete game, which means that the Brewers' bullpen will have to come into the game which means...


Thursday, September 18th, 1:20 PM CT


Rich Harden vs. Manny Parra - Parra tends to get smacked around not only by the opposition but by the other round fella on the Brewers.  Rich Harden tends to miss bats.  Lots of them.  Who would *you* rather have going?  Should be a good game for the Cubs.

It's time to clinch.  Go Cubs.

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