Goatriders of the Apocalypse

A first-hand view of the No Hitter

Goat Reader D.B. has posted over on her GROTA blog a link to her flickr account. She took the liberty of capturing the event with her camera, proving forever that she was on hand to see it. (%$##@ lucky!)

Posted below are some highlights, but check out her flickr for the full monty.

Sausage House
Photo courtesy of D.B.

The Field before the game
Photo courtesy of D.B.

The Big Moose
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Carlos locked in
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Mob scene
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Mob Scene 2
Photo courtesy of D.B.

Again, thanks to DB for the fantastic pictures. I, uh, didn't exactly ask for permission, per se, to post the pics here, but if you want to see the full set, just check out the post on the Readers Blog by DB.

I was confused...

For a moment, when I saw this in the RSS feed because I was like "Hey, someone else took a picture of the Sausage Haus!"

I retroactively approve, bless and sanctify this post. Hurrah.

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