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Pictures from Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano's no hitter

Available here! Please excuse the damn netting which fouled up almost every shot!


Well, at least you can prove

Well, at least you can prove you were there. Lucky!


Unlike people claiming to be at Woodstock or at Kerry Wood's 20K game, I have PROOF!

Did you see they're now selling UNUSED tickets from that game for $20 as commemoratives? LAME!

What are you going to do with that? Say "Gee, I wish I was there?"

I still have my print out ticket in my bag, I think.

Very cool

You sat one row in front of me. What a night, huh?


Did I? I was talking to some people behind me - possibly even you! I had a green Cubs zip up with me - it was lying on the chair for the most part once the game started.


Just in front of me. We were right behind the biiiig people from Houston. What a night...


That annoying guy yelling "GO BIG PUMA!"? every time he said that I went "meow!"

Of course we have to be sitting by the only Astros fans there...! When he walked up, I was like "oh god, I hope he's not sitting right next to me."

As it was, I had to sit next to this guy (on my right) who was saying he's a season ticket holder, already has his playoff tickets, and pre-sold half of them on stubhub and made $4,000. I wanted to slug him.

You should've

What a waste, but I guess capitalism still is king.
Actually, the Houston people were very nice. We chatted with them a few times during the middles. They were up in Minnesota visiting someone and couldn't fly back home, so they drove to Milwaukee to catch the games and hoped to get on a plane by Monday night. They heard from their neighbor their house had sustained damage.

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