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Ted Lilly records History's second no-hitter in a neutral site...FAIL

Ehh, it's still in the sixth, and I realize I'm waving an open Twinkie in Karma's face, but WTF, this is fun...and isn't this what a blog is, jotting down one's thoughts?

Huh?  That's the Shout Box?

Screw it, I'm kickin' it old skool, short posts, baybee

UPDATE: Through six.  What a bunch of mopes.  Did they re-sign Derek Bell out of retirement?  Is Operation Shutdown back on?

DAMN DAMN DAMN: Mark Loretta breaks through in the 7th.  Still up 6-0, still close to lowering the magic number over the Brew Crew (under new management) to 6. 

GAME OVER: going up to Miller to take two from Houston, lowering the Magic Number to 6.  Just like going over to your neighbor's house, while he's gone on a business trip, and plankin' his wife.  Just the dick thing to do.

And the very rude guests, your Chicago Cubs, have won their 90th game, with most likely 12 games left...if this was a Monday Night Football game from the 1970's, Dandy Don Meredith would be singing "Turn Out The Lights"....if this was a Lakers game, the late Chick Hearn would be talking about "jello jigglin"...if this was a White Sox game, we'd be singing their dumbass "Goodbye" song, then we'd tackle an umpire, get arrested, call our buddy at his trailer, make bail, go home, smoke some meth, beat our trashy-assed sweat-pants wearing wives, screw our dogs and get another tattoo on our armpits.   

You don't like all that noise?  Go over to the Shout Box, or go ahead and blog away.  Long form, short form, we now take all comers, and who knows, we may ever trace your IP Address and come to your house and take a dump on your porch if we don't like what you wrote*  We have Illinois, Indiana and Ontario covered.





* Nah, we're lovers, not fighters or dumpers.

The offense exploded in the

The offense exploded in the top of the 6th, now Lilly has less pressure. The game is pretty much won, only thing on the line now is will he have a no hitter or no? lol

Derrick Bell.. LOL i remember

Derrick Bell.. LOL i remember those days of the killer B's. God, i hated that shit.

Damn you Rob!!!!!!

Damn you Rob!!!!!!

all of you

All of you GROTA's are bad for the Karma business.
Damn you Rob indeed!

Give it a rest

MLB was sending me texts about the no-no in the 5th inning, and ESPN was covering it as well. I'm sorry, but mentioning that someone has a no-hitter/perfect game in the works doesn't change the eventual outcome.

Hell, Mark Buehrle (or howeverthefunk you spell his name) was running around the dugout in the 7th inning making sure everyone knew he had one going last year.

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