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Ned Yost - Fired?

Rumor has it that Ned Yost has been let go by the Brewers.  This is heartbreaking, because Yost in the dugout was a decisive advantage for the Cubs.

We'll post a link to the story once it's been verified by the mass media.


I guess I should have checked the reader blogs before posting. Well, it's such a sad occasion it deserves double coverage.

Jeeez. Not suprised though,

Jeeez. Not suprised though, this move should have happened earlier in the season i thought when they were totally under achieving and then maybe they wouldn't needed to send half of their prospects to Cleveland to get CC Sabathia. From August 1st til the end of the season, statisticly, the Brewers had the easiest schedule in the NL. It's no suprise they jumped back into the race by playing the weaker opponents, but they are now 7.5 back and tied with Philly for the wildcard. They are in big trouble, not only for this season but future too. They could lose both Sabathia and Sheets this winter.

Not your fault, Jason. Kevin

Not your fault, Jason. Kevin thinks I'm crazy, but my basic take is that if I'm writing a post that's very short, I'm going to do it as a reader blog ... at least, up until everybody else is using the reader blogs often.

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