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On Wrigley Field and the Future

Something that hasn't gotten too much play since the Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano No-No is that he said something along the lines of "I wish we could play at a new park all the time."  This slagging of Wrigley Field is permissable because The Big Moose is an ace who just made history, but most days fans would be up in arms about such a ... erm, reasonable statement.

I mean, no kidding.  Wrigley Field is old.  Real old.  While I think few Cub fans would advocate that they take a bulldozer to the place, we have to admit that the ballpark is in need of some serious work in order to ensure that the team will continue to play there into its second century.

If and when these renovations take place - and I basically envision them completely taking apart the upper deck and extending the clubhouses a bit - the Cubs will likely play their games in another park for minimally one year, and possibly two or three.

So, let's open it up to discussion and debate.  If the Cubs have to play outside of Wrigley, where should they go?  Would you rather see them play 2 years in the Cell, or 2 years in Milwaukee?  Is Milwaukee even possible, or is it too far away and too much of a stretch on the "Chicago" aspect of the Cubs?

And if the Cubs won their first World Series in a century in a ballpark other than Wrigley, how would you feel?  Upset?  Uncaring?

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Chicago Cubs of Schaumburg

I don't necessarily think that the Cubs would need to play at the Cell. Just like the Bears played at Wrigley for so many years, why can't the Cubs play at Soldier Field? It has the capacity to seat more than Wrigley Field ever did, it is still in Chicago proper, and it would have the Lake Effect still doing its magic with home runs.

My only other possible idea would be to have them move into a minor league park. You have the Kane County Cougars and the Schaumburg Flyers close by. I am sure that either venue would still maintain the North Side ballclubs fanbase.

Milwaukee would mean that any game against the Brewers would still be a home game for EITHER club.

And The Cell is just a joke.

I believe in the power of the Cubs

somehow they will able to 'stage' the construction so that sections of the park will be refurbished during offseasons and during off-weeks. That's my take on it.

Going there, for the next 2-3 years, will be a gut-wrenching nightmare, with all the twists and turns and detours we will be forced to deal with during the renovation. But who cares, we'll still pack the place day in, day out

Actually I like the idea of

Actually I like the idea of turning Soldier Field into Wrigley South West.

It would be ugly, but it'd be better than the Cell.

In all honesty, i think the

In all honesty, i think the Cell only makes sense. I've been there once and i hate it. I know what type of area it's in but it's a cheap solution to fixing the problem. Moving games to Milwaukee would be slightly more expensive for the team, although, i'm sure the team wouldn't care but paying for a hotel for the entire team for a full season will get expensive. But also, they have to think of the media and it's fans. For a few games, it's good, and maybe they will play at the Cell and maybe a few games when they are unable to, they go to Milwaukee, but 81 game season will get very expensive for the fans and the media to cover the team. It will play a big part of their decison.

About Soilder Field, i am not sure that's possible. Your reasoning is spot on, but i'd have to see the cost of it first of transforing it to a baseball field and back, since the NFL will be on, for pre-season and start of the season. That alone may make it not worth it. But, would the Bears ok it? Would the NFL? The chances are very slim.

The Cell

It'll be for only a year. (Didn't the Bears play in Champaign when that thing-a-ma-bob was added to Soldier Field?) And it'll make us appreciate Wrigley Field that much more when the Cubs return.

If other cities can manage

If other cities can manage changing the field from football to baseball and back, then so can Chicago. I would much rather see them at Soldier Field than in the Cell.

The Mayor

Maybe Zell (or whoever will be owner when this happens) and Daley can build a temporary stadium where they invision the Olympic Stadium will be located. When the Cubs are ready to move back into Wrigley, Daley can convert it to the Olympic venue.

Oh, then there's that little thing about us actually getting the 2016 Olympics...

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