Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Where were you on September 14, 2008?

I remember.

The skies had been opened wide for 3 days straight, the rain pouring onto the ground. The earth swelled and the water rose above, puddles becoming ponds and ponds becoming lakes. The air shifted colder and colder, a sense of forboding permeating the day. People are suffering throughout the South as the flooding brought back unsettling thoughts of destruction and loss. Nothing was right in the world.

Until Carlos Zambrano took the mound, prepared to show Houston a REAL hurricane.

Like a gunslinger or a gladiator returning from oblivion, Zambrano took the mound and the fate of his squad in his right hand. Geovany Soto nodded his head and extended his fingers and the game was under way.

As if on queue, the rain stopped and moved to the East. As if knowing what was happening, the air warmed a bit and the clouds separated. Something was Brewing.

6th inning, seventh. Eighth inning, 9th.

Over three decades of waiting and there it was. Before our very eyes, another record was achieved and the first no-hitter since Milt Pappas was in the record books.

It was a symphony. It was a masterpiece.

I will remember where I was, my sons sleeping in the other rooms, too young to know what this meant.

I will remember hitting record on my DVR, knowing that this was something to cherish and keep forever.

I will remember forgetting all the wrongs and ills in the world, if only for just a couple moments, as My Team mobbed Our Ace.

I will remember my friend texting me to tell me that this was his greatest day as a Cubs fan. I could sense the tears welling in his eyes that he could not have watched it with his father who taught him to be a Cubs fan.

I will remember that this was something that I will tell my kids about when they are older.

This was the moment the 2008 Cubs ceased to be a team rather than The Team.

I will always remember September 14, 2008.

Where was I?

I was at Miller Park watching history!!! 'Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano' is right!

My buddies and I bought tickets online and away we went. Driving up to Milwaukee along side all those Cub fans was like a pilgrimage. We get there and some folks are tailgating and lil' tykes are throwing footballs. Everyone just seemed amped for this unique opportunity.

This was my first visit to Miller Park and I must say, it's a pretty nice set up. All 23,350 of the 23,400 fans were cheering on the good guys. Once in a while a fan with an Astro cap would be shown on the Jumbotron and would be mercilessly booed. There were even some knuckleheads in the Uecker seats with 'B-R-E-W-E-R-S' painted on their moobs. More heckling ensued when their image appeared.

As for the game, I can't add much more that hasn't been said already. It was glorious. It was mystical. It was surreal. I'm still in a state of 'did that really happen?' Goosebumps. Oh yeah, there were goosebumps.

In an earlier post about our 'First Wrigley Memories', I mentioned how I will never forget mine at the age of 4. And now at 45, I will have this in my memory vault as well. This ticket stub will be framed. Unbelievable.

Holy Shit Carlos Zambrano!!!


Maybe this is our year. It

Maybe this is our year. It sure as hell seems that it is!

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