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Getting their Groove Back, Part 2

Ummm...when Kurt and I were talking last week about what the Cubs needed to get going back in the right direction before the end of the season, a no hitter never entered our discussion.

The Big Z put on a clinic on Sunday night in Milwaukee against Houston (which is just odd).  110 pitches, 10 K's, he was one walk away from a perfect game.

Welcome back to the lineup, Carlos.

If you don't think that something like this can fill up the tank, then you're just a skeptic...well, I am skeptic, too, but not about this.

The Cubs are back...perhaps there is magic in this season.

And only Cubs fans could put 24,000 plus fans in the stands at a neutral site...then again, it is Wrigley North.  How about more games in Milwaukee?

That might not happen in October, as the Brewers are close to puking away the Wild Card position to Philadelphia.  Whether or not that is good news for the Cubs, I don't know...we can debate that tomorrow.

Enjoy the night!  Text messaging and Red Bulls all around!

Don't look now, but Ted Lilly

Don't look now, but Ted Lilly has a 3 inning no hitter going on right now in Milwaukee....... i'm stuck at school and can't watch this game either!

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